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  1. I've noticed a few tiny flesh coloured bumps on my lower cheek, what exactly is this and how can i get rid of it!?
  2. need... a .... vacation....

  3. patience is definitely the key, it needs time to heal up and for the inflammation to go down don't touch or do anything to it that may irritate it; i think it will heal up with no scar because i've had a similar encounter and it just needs time to heal it would be gone by the time you're on vacation or even before
  4. you sound exactly like me... i'm in college and i still have to deal with acne, but trust me not everyone has perfect skin. don't let something minor like this get you down and i say "minor" because acne isn't such a big problem as we tend to see it... think of the more worse cases one could have. acne will go away, it doesn't stay forever... it's just like when a person gets braces, they have to deal with that for a while then it's over with. you should wake up every day, look in the mirror
  5. exams are a killer!

  6. I use MAC liquid foundation and once I've applied that, I set it with MAC compact powder... It covers up pretty well. I usually apply the foundation with a sponge by dabbing it until it's set properly and spread equally.
  7. Baby Johnson's moisturizing cream is really soft on the skin and improves dryness There's also this antioxidant moisturizing cream I found at Trader Joe's... it's really light on the skin and it leaves it feeling fresh; it's called Trader Joe's Spa Regenerating antioxidant moisturizing face lotion hope this helped
  9. Hey you're acne isn't severe. I would say mild, like mine. The pills for acne are the worst because of the bad side effects and antibotics isn't good at all for long-term use. That's why I started using Dermaforte, it's an all natural and organic product... it's ingredients are 100% natural and organic which is great. I noticed redness reduction, less irritation, smoothness, and old acne scars of mine have started to fade. *Moderator edit - URL removed. Read the board rules*
  10. I have to agree with you! All the chemicals end up making your face/acne worse! Natural is really the best way to go, I actually found a great product called Dermaforte... it's ingredients are 100% natural and organic. It's reduced the redness on my face, irritation, and made my skin feel much smoother than before. *Moderator edit - URL removed. Read the board rules*
  11. Hey, I wouldn't recommend it because I've tried everything... literally everything and nothing has worked, and if it did, it was in a short-term period. I tried antibiotics and Roaccutane, both of which have bad side effects... didn't do the trick either. I then found Dermaforte, it's an all natural product and it's ingredients are all natural and organic. I gotta say, since I've used it... I got amazing results, the redness reduced, their was less irritation, and I noticed old acne scars of
  12. I used to have the same acne as yours and I tried everything & I mean literally everything but nothing worked and they ended up making my skin more sensitive and irritated. I needed something natural so it won't be harmful. I came across Dermaforte, it's a great product. The ingredients are all natural and organic and ever since I've used it I've seen great improvement... Reduced redness, inflammation, and I noticed old acne scars of mine have faded up to 90%. *Moderator edit - URL removed
  13. Hey Anonymousguy I used to use Duac, it's a pretty good topical gel but it's just a short-term solution The best product I've ever used is Dermaforte, it's an all natural product; the ingredients are natural and organic and it's improved my face alot. I've noticed less redness, it reduced inflammation, and old acne scars of mine have faded up to 90% so far. With my experience, I've tried everything & I mean literally everything out there... & Dermaforte performed the best. *Modera
  14. Your acne is actually not bad at all! You're right, I'd even feel more confident if my skin was clearer but because it wasn't, I was always so down and paranoid that people are staring at my face. I used all the products you can name! Differin didn't help nor did BP or Salicylic acid or all the over the counter products. (Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Clearasil, Oxy.... etc). I tried antibiotics, zinc and Roaccutane... also didn't really do much. It was more of a short-term thing. I neede