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  1. DAY 35: It's been awhile, thought I'd check in I have actives on my temples and along my cheeks and jawline. They're never the same ones from week to week though. Just when I think some zits are gone, a couple new ones pop up. Again, they dry up and go away pretty quick. But I just want all of them to be gone for good! My liver levels (...toxicity?) spiked a little. Doctor says it's no cause for concern but if it gets too high, I'll have to be taken off the medication. Nooooooooooo! Doctor reco
  2. Welcome! I completely understand your excitement and am also excited for you! Good luck on your course
  3. DAY 25: Wow, almost a month in! Time to make an appointment to see the good doctor this week. Monthly pregnancy test and blood lab coming up too. Oh joy. Most of my IB acne started to come to head last Friday. I gave in to temptation to one active on my cheek and now I have a red mark. Ai! Must resist from now on. No dry patches anywhere. Actually, the insides of my elbows were dry, itchy, and red this morning. Doused it with lotion and now I'm good. Strange, but I've been reading on here t
  4. @DoubtingTom: Hi! Paying out of pocket is a really draining commitment, but I decided that the trade off would be worth it in the end. I'm lucky to have a job and I also live at home with my mom so that helps to save on costs. Still, I have to cut corners elsewhere; no eating out, limited shopping, etc. I know many believe appearances are superficial---and to a certain extent, I believe that too---but I decided that my quality of life would be bettered if I went on Amnesteem. That means more con
  5. I'm using Too Faced Primed and Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer. Two thumbs up from me! http://www.essentialdayspa.com/too-faced-primed-poreless-p_11282.htm
  6. DAY 21 IB still wrecking havoc all over my cheeks, jaw, and temples. Argh. I keep having to tell myself that this is temporary. Hopefully in a month or less, all this gross purging will be gone. Red marks all over my temples and cheeks . The Obagi-C night cream I've been using is a skin lightener so hopefully that'll take care of the hyperpigmentation. If my face gets super sensitive, I'll have to discontinue its use but so far, so good. Good news is that any sort of oiliness on my face is gone
  7. DAY 19 IB still on-going: Temples, cheeks, and along jawline. Blackheads also more prominent on my nose. Pretty sure it's the medication purging out all the gunk on my face. Eyes are prone to dry-ness. A real pain since I prefer to wear contacts instead of glasses. Bought Visine eye drops yesterday to help out with this. Ran my first Half-Marathon yesterday! Taking it easy this week so my body can recover. Just yoga and some dancing this week. ...Other than that, nothing really new to report.
  8. Wow, you're looking great! You're not even a month in with Accutane and your face is already looking real bright, clear, and glow-y! Happy for you, congratulations!
  9. I'm actually on my 16th Day, must've calculated my days wrong! Still experiencing an IB along my jawline, lower cheeks, and on my temples but they dry up quicker than normal Hyperpigmentation marks are still prevalent Extreme dryness on my neck right under my jaw. No flaking or itchiness but it is flushing red on the area. Just practically bathing the area in moisturizer to keep it hydrated Oiliness is very minimal now, yay! Going to start switching up my skincare routine at this point: AM: Ce
  10. Hi, you raise a great point. I haven't talked to my doctor yet about taking joint soothing and omega fatty acid supplements. I was specifically told, however, to avoid taking supplements with Vitamin A, so I am assuming that as long as I don't take anything with Vitamin A, I should be in the clear. My next appointment is at the end of this month so I'll be sure to ask my doctor about that. I find that drinking a lot of water each day helps with the aches.
  11. Your log is hilarious! Definitely following it. I feel you on the peanut butter. It is the DEVIL.
  12. Good luck to you! I'll be following your progress. What is the Prednisolone for, if I may ask? Is that an antibiotic?
  13. DAY 13 Scalp is ITCHY!!! I will have to buy some kind of tea tree oil-hydrating shampoo/conditioner soon. I'm also going to pick up a moisturizing body wash as my current soap is drying me out. Flaking around my eyebrows, sides of my mouth, and nose. Lips are dry but not chapped. When moistened, I usually just exfoliate them. Took some pictures this morning and attached them below: L - Right side of my face. Much clearer picture where you can see the texture of my face. Large pores and numer
  14. Hi everyone I just started my 2nd course of Amnesteem 12 days ago. Really excited to (hopefully!) have clear skin by the holidays. Starting off on 40mg for the next 6 months. Not sure if my dosage will stay the same throughout my course or increase. My stats: 24yrs old. 5'4. 130lbs. Have moderate but persistant acne, most of which are concentrated on the peripheral parts of my face---my temples, lower cheeks, and along my jawline. I'm prone to hyperpigmentation and I also have scarring