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  1. Yeah, I guess it's just a bit disheartening to be 2 week in and to be worse off then when I started...
  2. I started Dan's regiman about 10 days ago, and the first 4-5 days or so were quite great. I was clearing up great, and actually starting to look pretty good really. I have what is probably classified as mild to moderate acne, a bit closer to the moderate side. However, since day 5 or 6, things seem to have gone downhill. I have had several cystic type breakouts, and I am not sure if the BP can do much with them. The BP has done well for serveral parts of my face -- it has helped to clear up
  3. Cool! Good idea on going with the wrist instead of your head. Thanks for checking this out!!!
  4. Are you sure they are blacklights and not just the neon? I have a neon light in a computer here, but it's not a UV blacklight. You probably know which one it is, I'm just checking And watch out for those fans
  5. Well I know that we all need to still wear it So my question is, what do all of you do about wearing good clothing when you have a bunch of BP on your face all day? I tried proactive a couple years ago, and quit when the darn stuff ruined one of my favorite shirts. I have some of Dan's gel, and it absorbs in very well, but I think if i were to sweat a little bit, or get rained on or something, and brush my jawline (or neck, for that matter) up against the collar, poof, it would be the end of