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  1. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting in over a year i tried everything during this year to combat acne, but to no avail, i feel lower than low, i hit rock bottom long ago, i just cannot get over the fact that i will never get the chance to have a girlfriend or be a dad because i will be alone forever because of this disease, i see everyone else enjoying their life and having fun, all i've did this past year, is eat and be depressed, i have put on about 4 stone and it is really noticeable,
  2. Well it's been roughly 2 years that I have been a member here, and I still haven't beaten acne, i've came to the conclusion that i am f**king done, i can't handle this shit anymore, no matter what i do i can't win, then other people can do whatever they want, have perfect skin, enjoy themselves go out with their friends, but not me, NEVER ME, come next month it will be a year that i haven't been out with my friends in, i have tried everything, gps, derm, supplements, nothing works, i despise thi
  3. Thanks , on day 3 of it now not noticed much difference but obviously it's only been 3 days!, just wondering did any of you also alter your diets when you took vitamin supplements or does it matter?.
  4. Wondering why when i see photos of like every single girl on facebook they have no acne yet have terrible diets, literally all of them!! must be about 3-400 how the hell do they manage to eat what they want but stay clear?, i know it isn't just make up cause they have pics of them without it n they have none, how do they manage it?
  5. Hey everyone, basically i have started taking a host of vitamins, bought them today from holland and barrett, i want to know if these are a good combo to beat acne. Vitamin D3 - 1000 IU Zinc - 25 MG Vitamin A With Fish Liver Oil - 8000 IU Niacin - 100 MG Vitamin B5 - Panothenic Acid - 500MG Chromium - 200 UG Vitamin C with Rose Hips - 1500MG Vitamin E - 100 IU all in it's about 9-10 tablets as i bought them seprate instead of a multivitamin as i hear taking them seperately is more eff
  6. Thanks for posting dejaclairvoyant and knittings, there are 3 gp's in my doctors surgery place, and all 3 of them refuse even when i'm practically begging, they told me no, that my skin isn't bad enough for it, i tried to explain about being put on a low dose, i got halfway through saying it when she said 'listen no your not getting it' i can't believe how angry i got, i hate doctors now through my experiences and have learned that really they don't know much more than we do, they are useless, i
  7. Hi everyone, I just want information on what vitamins are best for skin/fighting acne etc, what ones to get and what to avoid, i am working all week so wont get the chance to get to holland and barrett until monday, please can you tell me your experiences with certain vitamins and what worked for you, thanks .
  8. Hey everyone , well im 20, it's nearly new year and what's that....yep still breaking out, god i despise my skin, i feel like an outsider now to absolutely everyone, the only time i can be myself is when i am by myself, i hate HATE my skin, nothing i do has any effect NOTHING, doctors dont give a shit, except from saying 'oh it will go away when you get older' about 2 years ago to me, nope its still here, and it makes it even worse when i see absolute idiots that i know able to enjoy their lives
  9. Hey everyone, feeling low again , my skin is already bad, acne everywhere, those big under the skin spots coming out on my chin, and my skin tone is completely ruined , i also hate my massive pores everywhere, forehead, cheeks, nose...everywhere , acne all up my back, legs, trying to control what i eat to see if i can beat it, then become completely demoralized when i see someone eating and drinking what they want, being a social butterfly, having everyone around them, being supremely confident,
  10. Hi everyone, i am going to start intermittent fasting on monday 5th November, was originally going to last monday but ended up eating fast food , this monday i am definately starting it though, i'm tired of having this disease and not being able to go out or enjoy myself because of it, i hate that people that deserve acne have clear skin and people who don't deserve it, have it, don't tell me that no-one deserves acne, because some of the stupid people i see on facebook and in real life deserve
  11. What foods are good to eat while doing this, i was thinking eggs and fruit because that was all i knew that was definately good, also going to be gluten free, what foods would be good, i also have a juicer so would be looking to make smoothies also, what foods can i eat people!!
  12. Hey everyone, starting monday 29th October, i am going to start intermittent fasting as i have read on this site several people have had success with this, and honestly if i don't control what i eat i dont feel i will be doing anything, basically im going to fast 19 hours of the day, 12am - 7pm, so i will have a 5 hour window in which i plan on only eating eggs, water and fruits, going to try this for at least 2-3 weeks and see what results i can get, thinking that maybe it is hormone, gluten, r
  13. Hey everyone, after being so pissed off, angry and hating myself and being around anyone, i've decided to try the hollistic methods to try and beat this, been down the medical route, didn't help, and in my opinion doctors really couldn't care unless you have severe severe acne, i had tried about 12 different medications, creams, tablets, nothing worked, so you can imagine how i was feeling after this, but i kept my hopes up because i had another doctors appointment booked and i thought she would
  14. Hey everyone, gonna start the hollistic methods to try and beat this disease, i want to know what types of food are low gi and what types of food are good to fight this horrible disease, also wondering has anyone had any success with diet?, if so, how long till you noticed results, and just wondering how does stopping eating processed food or high gi food clear the acne that is already on my face, please help
  15. Hello everyone well, im feeling down..again, so frustrated, especially when i've been torturing myself trying to keep to a diet that involves no processed food, then while i am in work i see these girls with makeup all over their faces eating crisps, chocolate and soda, makes me so angry, why can they eat whatever they want and their skin is perfect, yet even when i diet, skin still equals - shit, WHY WHY WHY, makes me seriously wonder what the point is in being a good person, cause it's not lik