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  1. Can you give more information? What is the name of the medication? My jaw acne looks like looks like regular acne only a bit itchy.
  2. So how would I determine if it is in fact a fungus infection?
  3. Actually, I think red and bloody is better. Having puss on your face is more disgusting than a bloody spot.
  4. When I was a young teenager, I had acne on T-zone (my nose and forehead), later in my teen years I had lots of acne on my cheeks primarily. I stopped having acne on my nose and forehead whatsoever. My jaws were clear too. Now, I am 22, my cheeks have cleared up and for the first time in a long time, I am not getting any breakouts there. However, my jaws are different story. A few months ago I started having breakouts on my jaws, close to my ears and neck. It is completely horrible and itchy an
  5. I think you might still need to do a facial mask or exfoliate once a week. I did water-only regimen and it cleared me up, however, if I don't scrub my face off dead skins once in a while it becmes all rough and ...just not nice to the touch.
  6. I would have to worry about making my hair look perfect all the time to counterbalance unclear skin.
  7. If we turn this topic to religion some people might get really aggressive.
  8. God will not help you (or didn't help you) with your acne. Believe me, I've prayed too. He didn't (doesn't) listen. You probably just found the right treatment and it worked for you. Nothing to do with God. Are you sure? I feel like my prayers get answered.
  9. Maybe God can help you. I decided to just pray about it and not do anything else, and it worked. My skin has never been better, I'm almost clear. For real. However, I know, most people won't believe me. Acne is super complicated and there is a reason why you getting acne. Why? Because you're allergic to something, have hormonal problems, have some kind of bacterial problems, bad digestion , too much stress, and I can go on and on... The important thing is...trying to find what's cousing your acn
  10. I dunno. My boyfriend said I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. I've been told by others that I'm cute and beautiful and other similar crap...
  11. Don't worry, hookers don't care what you look like.
  12. I'm wondering why the hell did I get like 3 outbreaks when my skin was healing up so amazingly not so long ago. Why????? Maybe I'm eating too much sweets. I gotta stop that immideatly.
  13. I'm not sure avocadoes will taste good in smoothies. I'm sure they're safe and nutricious to eat. Also, I made avocado masks, and they makde my skin feel amazing and moisturized. So if you have dry skin, avocadoes will really help.
  14. I guess it depends on the area you have those pipmples. I can't imagine using hair removal creams there is good for you.
  15. I think you should just decide for yourself. Stop using it for a month or so and see the difference. If you acne is less noticable and heals faster without BP, then stop using it. I'm sure lots of people on this forum wold agree that BP is useless, but some say it helps them.
  16. I do not know if it could do something with blood. But, I had a similar experience. My acne started on my nose and then on the forehead (on the T-zone). Now however, I never get acne on forehead or nose or around mouth/nose area. Now, I have it on my cheecks only, and a little bit on the jaw, but it's starting to dissapear. I think acne on the T-zone is more like "teenage acne" at least in my case
  17. This sounds a bit scary. I don't think I could go through with that. Can you post some photos possibly? You should def. update this post with your progress.
  18. Maybe if you put too much of it, your pores get clogged. Personally, I noticed benzoil peroxide makes my pimples worse. Different people have different reactions. Just because bp is a popular product, doesn't mean it helps everyone.
  19. When I started my first professional job, I stopped wearing any kinds of makup. I belive my performance at work is more important then my looks. When I was at college, I was wearing makup everyday, cause, I was interating with lots of people and lots of guys, so I wanted to look attractive, because I felt like when I'm not in a professional setting, people might judge me on my looks more. Still, acne was always bothing me in every setting, however, I felt like it was a personal issue, that did
  20. Yes, your skin needs enough moisture!
  21. Okey, I don't know what kind of acne you have exactly. But what I wanted to say is not to overwash your skin.