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  1. I used for awhile with not much luck at all. My latest derm told me that it was better for use with teenagers than with adults. I've moved on to a combo of Dynacin and Clearasil adult acne cream (sulphur product) and had much better luck.
  2. I like using the clearasil sulphur product for adult acne...works well for me now for the last couple months (along with Dynacin).
  3. I've been on Dynacin now for about 2 months and it seems to have helped out with the amount of breakouts I see. Still getting some acne but not as numerous as before and not as severe. It took about a month to start seeing results but I think that is par for course. I'm also using Retin-A micro at night and it seems to be helping out as well. I still have red marks though and I hope that Retin-A Micro starts to help with that as well. any new breakouts I use clearasil sulphur cream since BP
  4. I had some cysts injected into over the past couple months and I'm not sure it was cortisone. It might be they use something else so I like the idea of just asking what they do, if anything, to treat a cystic inflammation. Most any dermatologist worth his/her salt should be able to help out. I wish I had injected my cysts about 8 years ago when I first had a bad breakout...might have helped with scarring.
  5. I've been using Clearasil for Adults cream (uses sulphur instead of BP...not sure about the name) and it seems to be a lot more effective and drying out the acne that I have. Still getting some but this keeps them from staying around as long. BP has not been effective for me in drying out the acne so I'm staying away from it for now.
  6. I had subcision done a few years ago and I'd have to say the results are permanent. I definitely did not see 100% correction but it did make a significant improvement in the bound down scars (probably 50% at least). I would consider subcision again if I wasn't afraid of the down time. In my case the mark on my cheek took a long time to disappear. This was due in part to the subcicion being combined with a filler (fascian) that I think was not the best choice for my situation. the scar also
  7. I went crazy with the cream and it dried the hell out of my skin. I'll have to give it and the cleanser a couple weeks before I can truly sing their praises.
  8. I just saw my derm last week and he gave me a prescription for Zoderm Cream. I have to say that it has worked really well as a topical to dry out the acne but not irritate my skin like normally seen with this type of medication. I also got a sample of Zoderm Cleanser and it was pretty good too but I did feel like it dried me out a bit. you should check this out if you use benzoyl peroxide since this is bp but with moisturizer. best of luck to all
  9. I saw my derm last week and he put me back on Adoxa. my face started breaking out after I stopped taking the Adoxa so he agreed to put me back on. his idea is to only keep me on Adoxa until we get the acne under control and then stick with a topical (in my case differin). he also gave me a prescription for Zoderm Cream and it was really effective at drying out the acne I just got again. He also gave me a Zoderm Cleanser that worked well too.
  10. I've been on Adoxa for few months (my prescription just ran out) and so far the results have been pretty good. I still get acne but not like the deep-seated cystic kind that really scars the skin. If you haven't tried it out yet you might want to mention to your doctor. I think my doctor is going to take me off of it now because I tried to get it re-filled but got a call from the office saying he would like to see me first and to stick with my other medication (differin). I'm sure he wants t
  11. thanks for the response Niko. you may have already posted this info (sorry if that is the case) but how much does Dr. Ali charge per treatment? thanks, Mack
  12. Niko, sounds like you are close to d.c. area. who did your smoothbeam treatments? thanks, Mack
  13. has anyone on this forum been to Dr. tina Alster in D.C.? I wonder because she is close to where I live. If someone has seen her or spoken to her can they give a price quote for the smoothbeam treatments? thanks for help, Mack
  14. hey BritGrlChic, I'm going in for a Dermalogen treatment in a few weeks. I've a depressed or rolling acne scar on my cheek that I hope to correct a bit (always the pessimist). I'll tell you how things go once I've had it done. Dermalogen is just another type of collagen that dermatologists/plastic surgeons use and it does not require an allergy test. later, Mack