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  1. Day 72 - Month 3 Sorry for not writing for so long. Wow that was fast! already on month 3! Almost half-way through! So! the acne on my cheeks is almost completly gone! But i have ALOT of red spots and it just looks god awful My forhead is pretty clear.. Side-effects- Alot of dryness! my cheeks stopped peeling but on my hands (like the opposite side of the palm) was like really DRY! But I used really good hand cream and it passed away after a few days. Also around me shoulders and arm
  2. Day 15 - 2 weeks! Another week as flown by. Still experiencing same side effects- Dry Lips- Recently my lips have become extra dry. Even Vaseline doesn't really help. Dry skin- My skin is peeling. I hope it's a good sign.. More breaking out- Still breaking out. I don't really understand the definition of cysts. I will upload a picture from day 1 and a picture from today. Well I don't see any progress uxept for less oily skin which is a good thing. I had like a beer or two the other day
  3. Im on day 8 and also my acne is getting worse But reading everybody's logs saying that it gets worse then it gets better in the first month or two good luck!
  4. Day 8 Still suffering from dry lips but took care of it! Still breaking out :'( exept for that i'm not really suffering from bad side effects Thank you for replying! It really makes me feel much better with my acne that other people here are suffering as much as I am! That's it for today Have an acne free day <3
  5. One week DONE! - Day 7 This week has gone by so slow. Side effects: - When I woke up today my lips were really dry! So that means the Accutane is really kicking in huh? and because it's a holiday then I couldn't go to the drug store to buy Vaseline. Oh well I guess tomorrow -_- - I feel like my skin is getting dry. My acne is getting itchy on my face and I can't help but scratching it. I don't really bleed but like dead skin comes off. Does that have to do with Accutane? I would lo
  6. I am on my 7th day on Accutane (20 mg a day) and I am breaking out I think and today my lips are getting dry. Good luck and I hope you won't have much acne for long!
  7. I am on my first week of Accutane and my lips are starting to get dry but that means the Accutane is working! Best of luck!
  8. Day 6 I have a few more questions: - Do I cause more damage if I pop my zits? what harm can it do if I am on Accutane? - I am 56kg and on a dosage of 20mg a day. I have noticed that most people here take more mg. Is it good that my derm is giving me 20mg? - I'm allowed to wash my face at morning and day right? to get rid of the dirt? - What do you think of 'Sulfer Mask' of 'Acne Free'? I bought it on my visit to America and I was wondering if it help and if it does.. How often should I
  9. Thank you so much, I live in Israel and most people here have clear skin and it is difficult trying to fit in. And it is great that there are people here that support me. I would like more replies for the questions. I would love to hear any of your experiences.
  10. Day 4 Well as expected my acne situation has gone worse. I look like s**t yey! ^^ Can anyone share their expiriences with Roaccutane and answer a few quistions: If I didn't take my pill right after my big meal does that make an effect? How often can I drink alcohol (not very much) without harming myself? How long do I have to wait until my acne starts disapearing? And, I have a cold sore does that have to do with the Roaccutane? That's pretty much it. plz answer <3 *crossing fing
  11. Day 1 Hello everybody, My name is Alice and I am from Israel, and I am 14 and 7 months old. I have been suffering from Acne since I was 12. But only getting REALLY bad in 8th grade. My mom also had acne when she was my age and they were pretty bad. I guess it's all her fault hu? Anyway I have been suffering from low self esteem all because of this horrible acne. People laugh at me, call me names, and sometimes don't like me because of my face. I had tried absolutely EVERYTHINGG! At f