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  1. WOW! Your skin looks absolutely amazing! I am 6 weeks into my accutane treatment and I can only hope and pray that I have end results like this... Congratulations! (not quite sure exactly what the proper sentiment is ha) At least in picture form any redness you may be seeing doesn't come off as flushing- it just looks like glowy healthy skin to me! So awesome.
  2. Hi! I've had this same problem though I'm not sure mine is quite to the extent you've described... the only thing that has helped mine is just globbing Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Ointment all over my mouth (especially in the corners!) before I go to sleep at night. It does not have the best smell and it's not the cutest look ever but it has really helped to heal those corner cracks and severely chapped lips so I think it's more than worth it. Hope this helps!
  3. I'm in my 6th week of Accutane on 40mg a day and haven't experienced the dreaded ib as of yet... But I'm keeping my fingers crossed ha
  4. when your coach looks at you intently and asks you "Oh did you hit your face on something?!" with much worry in his voice and your only available response is "No..." haha
  5. Skin issues on the outside will pass with time and patience (even though I know it's hard now), but being so ugly on the inside as treat someone like this lasts forever... Keep your chin up this too shall pass!
  6. I have had this problem as well and I agree with MultiColours about the vaseline at night being helpful and also wanted to add that I have found that if you still find yourself looking a little flaky and need an immediate fix, you can always dab a tiny bit of vaseline or aquaphor over the offending areas and it works really well. Personally, I would much rather look a tiny bit shiny than have flakes visible on my face : )
  7. Hello! I too am also used to shaving, waxing, getting my nails done, etc. and was concerned about this when I started on accutane. I have been taking it for only about 6 weeks but during that time I have shaved regularly (I'm a swimmer so it's bikini season year-round for me ha) and also gotten pedicures regularly with absolutely no negative side effects. Additionally, I could absolutely not stand the thought of being faced with caterpillar eyebrows in the mirror and have tried threading as an
  8. SUCCESS!! Thank you all so much for this suggestion! I tried a sample of a Boscia oil based cleanser I had tossed in the back of one of my drawers and it took off my sunscreen in one try- no scrubbing necessary!
  9. I have tried using makeup remover to no avail unfortunately... And no that's not silly at all! Really the only reason I can tell is that both of the sunscreens I use are tinted- one a horrible chalky white and one vaguely skin colored. So if it's not all removed I can see the colored residue left over on my skin. When I'm in the water I couldn't care less what it looks like as long as it keeps me from frying but it's not such a good look for every day.
  10. Hello everyone! This is my very first post here (though I have been lurking a bit to gain confidence), I am almost 1 month into accutane treatment and am really happy with how it is going thus far. The question I am hoping one of you might be able to help me answer is in regards to sunscreen. I am a competitive swimmer who spends 2-4 hours every day in the pool in sunny Santa Barbara, California. Obviously, I have become a little manic about caring for my skin in terms of sun protection and ha