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  1. Hi, So i'm now on my 2nd course of accutane. I started about 5 weeks ago on 40mg for the first month and now 75mg for the 2nd month. My acne has cleared very quickly and is probably about 95% gone (touch wood!!). My nose was covered in blackheads again and these are quickly disappearing. My face is drier than it was in the first course but again i have managed to comfortably cope by using moisturiser. SO...here's my log! Day 35: Cheeks - NO ACNE Chin - One red mark Nose - blackheads disa
  2. Ok well i didnt update for a while on my last course of accutane. I was on 30mg for 1 month and then 40mg for 3 months and then that was the course over according to my derm. At the end of my course i still had a few spots but the derm said they will go as accutane stays in the system for a while after you stop taking it. Well, they did go but only for 3months n then my oily skin and spots returned. Now almost exactly a year later since the end of my course i do still have acne after being o
  3. Day 51: Has my bloodwork on Thurs, will get the results this Thursday coming. my skin hasnt improved since my last post, im still getting spots, its so annoying!! how long is this going to take to stop any more from coming up. maybe the derm will put my dosage up again from 40mg a day... x
  4. Day 44: Well although my skin is predominantly clearing, today is a very bad day. ive had a cyst under my ear lobe for at least a month n i decided to squeeze it yesterday, so obviously its read now, i just hope i got rid of it. apart from that i have one other largish spot near my eye and a lot of red marks which seem to take ages to fade now! blackheads have almost vanished on the bright side. side effects havent changed much, skin is dry but only really on the neck and around mouth and n
  5. Day 35: Been a long time since my last update, but theres not a huge amount going on. Im still getting spots, HOWEVER i have hardly any blackheads left, my nose literally used to be covered, now its almost completely clear. I am still getting spots on other parts of my face though. im now on 40mg a day as of days 28. Dryness isnt affecting me much, i just moisturise my neck and around my mouth and chin as these are the only dry parts at the moment. Lips are inevitably dry but vaseline sort
  6. Day 28/29:[/b Went to the derm on thursday, blood tests came back fine and ive been put up from 30mg a day to 40mg a day. Acne hasnt subsided yet, blackheads are still coming out everywhere which i guess is a good sign really?? i hope its all gone by christmas timeeee x
  7. Us + accutane vs acne lol. yep gotta hang in there. all ya can do at the end of the day isnt it. x
  8. Day 25: Much the same as yesterday of course, had a serious nose bleed last night. didnt stop for an hour still have spots, red marks take longer to fade/heal. skin drying evermore. derm appointment this thurs with a new derm. possibly will be increasing my current dosage of 30mg x
  9. Day 24: Skin looks crap. i thought it was ok, but when i got out the shower earlier i noticed 2 big red spots and 2 smaller ones and loads of white flakes. i had to use an exfoliating wash to get rid of them, which is the first time ive exfoliated since being on the course...is this ok to do once in a while on accutane? today has sucked, was supposed to be having a big uni night out on thurs but this is looking unlikely now grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr x
  10. Day 20/21: 3 weeks in pretty much. skin has dried out majorly, though i heard you cant exfoliate so im just trying to combat it with moisturiser. lips are dry too, using lip balm throughout the day and vaseline at night. as for the acne and initial breakout...it may have slowed down (touches wood) but i am still get spots though not as many as i was a week or so ago. oily skin does appear to have subsided a lot and nose blackheads (i had ALOT) have started to come out over the week...i can
  11. Day 16: Ermm not sure where to start...im still getting spots and skin is drying out more and more, as are my lips. oil has subsided a lot but can get better than it is now. got a blood test on wednesday and a follow up derm appointment on 1st october. cant wait till the spots stop. wish i could drink alcohol once every two weeks or something tho!! x
  12. hey kimberly, thanks for the encouragement. haha that reminded me of that song too, keri hilson has some quality tunes out these days. x
  13. Day 12/13: Well im still going through the initial breakout, thought it was over a few days ago but its come back with a vengeance, keep breaking out along/around jaw line and around nose and chin. have my first freshers night out on saturday, though likelihood of me going is low, but the next one isnt until tuesday so i have hope for then. leave me alone initial breakout!! Also i think the blackheads are slowly coming out/disappearing. Side effects so far: -Dryish lips (not bad yet), using
  14. Day 9 STILL: Ok well i updated this morning but after an examination of my face tonight in a bright light its not as good as id thought. there are new spots coming up all the time due to this initial breakout, dry skin around nose starting to flake a lil so im uisng moisturiser around the mouth and nose area. not sure what else i can say, its not good news so far, oily skin does seem to be subsiding but with new red spots and whiteheads coming up so often im not happy BUT i do know that this