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  1. It's been awhile since I logged into acne.org.... and I think my time away was really good for me. At first, I liked having access to a community of people who were going through the same issues as me. But then I found myself getting a leeeeetle obsessive about it- specifically, I would focus too much on what others were/weren't eating and micro analyze my own diet looking for "flaws". Some time away was definitely warranted. In my time away, I've still been applying Retin-A and Duac... Som
  2. In highly exciting news, I've been using my new prescriptions since last Thursday- Duac in the morning and every other night, retin A on the nights I don't use Duac. I've still been using Neutrogena Oil-Free for Combination Skin as my moisturizer, since it's the only "oil-free" stuff I have around the house at the moment. I accidentally ordered the wrong vitamin C moisturizer online- the one I've loved in the past is an oil-free version and the version I accidentally ordered is not... I'm terrif
  3. Yesterday I finally, finally got things squared away with my health insurance. I'm covered through my mom and my husband is covered through his dad because we can't afford our own policy right now. (The cheapest one available to us through his medical school is $7,000/yr for the two of us. NOT HAPPENING on a nanny's salary!) The only problem is that my husband's benefits only extend to a California-based health group, and mine is pretty regional as well. We're both covered for emergency/urgent c
  4. hello! I hope I haven't made a serious mistake in introducing TTO to my skincare regimen this soon... I had been using 10% BP as topical to combat the horrific breakouts on my temples/forehead/chin (basically everywhere haha. AWESOME). Combined with the fact that I just finished pms-ing (I frequently have bad breakouts just before my period... tmi? whatevs) and have been diligent in drinking plenty of water, taking my vitamins, and staying vegan/GF, my skin looked much better today than last wee
  5. @Paul - you're exactly right. the confusion at why it's happening is huge... as is the hope that one day it'll "get bored" @y3rfd0g - haha I am totally screwed when it comes to genetics, too! my dad had awful awful acne in his early twenties and my mom's skin problems are milder (she just has really sensitive skin) but have extended all the way into her forties. I'm not wearing makeup because I never really learned how! I'm so bad at applying it that it makes my skin look worse... plus, it def
  6. It's been such a lovely fall weekend here. Honestly, I can't complain. My husband and I have been taking it easy. Lots of hot tea. A long walk to our favorite pizza/salad shop. Perfume shopping. I love spending time with him and literally cherish every moment now that he's in medical school! On the skin front- it's pretty meh. My skin hasn't worsened, but it hasn't gotten noticeably better. I'm still embarrassed by the army of red spots on my temples, forehead, and chin. Nothing makes me fe
  7. Pumpkin oatmeal with maple syrup and almond butter on top is one of my favorite breakfasts! Pumpkin oatmeal sounds so yummy on a cold fall morning! I just made some pumpkin puree but used it all for pie... time to get some more pumpkins. Seriously, it is so good:) You can make it with any porridge, too. I've tried millet, oats, and corn mush so far. I actually really like the corn mush- I add almond butter and milk to give it the creamiest texture. It's like dessert for breakfast!
  8. I normally take a multivitamin to supplement B-12 and iron. (I'm vegan and I'm also anemic.) Recently I've made sure to be extra diligent about it. I want to be at my best, inside and out! And I don't want any excuses for a breakout. ("oh, I didn't take my vitamin!" or whatever.) In addition to the vegan multi, I've added a vegan algae-based DHA, which I hope will help improve alertness and my acne situation. I took my first one today:) In regards to switching from my former regimen to the n
  9. Breakfast: Pumpkin Oatmeal (cooked oats + almond milk + pumpkin pie spice + maple syrup + almond butter + pureed pumpkin). Coffee and almond milk. Lunch: GF, Vegan Quesadilla (warmed corn tortilla + refried black beans) green tea break Dinner: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (sweet potatoes + olive oil + chili flakes + lime juice, roasted; black beans + sauteed onion + sauteed garlic + cumin + lime juice, gently warmed) spiced tea break yay vegan, yay GF.
  10. p.s. you ARE strong and brave. remember that! (and all that stuff about beauty being on the inside, yada yada)
  11. I'm so glad you're moving towards new things that (hopefully) work better for you! & oh my gosh... I SO know what you mean about going out in public when you feel like your skin is at its worst.... hahah. I never wear makeup (why give my skin something else to freak out about?) but I work with second, third, seventh, and eighth graders. I'm freaking lucky they haven't said anything to me about it because I live in fear for the day one of them blurts out "Miss Sarah, why is your skin so bumpy
  12. Thanks for the encouragement, haha! BP of course makes my skin REALLY dry, flaky, and red if I use too much of it. I'm not a fan. have you used tea tree oil as topical before? does it work? I'm so scared to try it!
  13. I've still been using Dr. Bronner's to wash morning/night, Neutrogena Oil Free for moisture, and 10% BP for spot treatment twice a day. There haven't been any huge improvements, except maybe that some of the spots on my cheek finally dried out and the parts of my face that don't have acne on them are really beautiful and glowy. Nothing has gotten worse, either... so I guess that's a plus. haha! I did buy some organic raw local honey to use as a face wash (I couldn't find manuka) and a vial o
  14. sarahwaveshello


    I never wear makeup, but wore some for my wedding. I have to say that my skin *looks* fabulous here, but was probably pretty inflamed underneath the layer of Clinique foundation my friend slathered on my face.
  15. My skin is looking strangely good today.... but I haven't changed anything? So confusing. Arg.