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  1. I totally feel you! It seems like everyone I know or work with has amazing skin, that's why this is the only place I can feel like I'm not alone in this war with acne. Too bad I'm from the uk hang in there we will get there!!!
  2. Kelli344- I've tried Dan's products and my skin just doesn't like bp. I was controlling my hormonal acne with AHA but it never really cured me because I have hormonal acne so it's more to do with what's going on inside my body than what I can put on my face feeling a bit better now, I think the shock my skin went through when I went cold turkey is almost over, just a few dying spots. Trying to stay positive
  3. Feeling pretty crappy this morning. Went down the natural route a few weeks ago and after three years of slathering chemicals on my face, I went cold turkey and my chin is breaking out SO badly. I refuse to look in the mirror, I hate how acne is controlling my life. I have a family party this weekend and I just know I'm gonna make up some excuse not to go because until my chin starts looking better I'm stuck at home. I wish I didn't feel this controlled by acne
  4. Ahh thank you so much it's given me the willpower to continue with the duac even with all the redness and burning! Beauty is pain lol! I don't think I have an allergic reaction to bp, I've used it before and I can already see the duac helping, haven't had a new spot since starting and my current breakout is healing nicely even if its accompanied with a tomato face! Ur updates have been really helpful, gotta love the acne.org community
  5. Wow ur skin is amazing! Just wondering, would you credit you becoming clear to the duac mainly? I take hormone balancing supplements like DIM and omega 3's but I've just recently been prescribed duac to use and I've been on it for 2 days and my skin is itching like mad and burning! I read that u had similar problems in the beginning, around how long did it take for ur skin to adjust and did duac clear u pretty quickly? I can't even sleep I feel like scratching my face off!
  6. I'm putting off marrying my boyfriend coz of my acne! Now that is some crazy shit *sigh*
  7. Not feeling great today, basically my whole face is covered in acne, I'm on the natural route to clear my skin and its soo frustrating! I don't know if I'm purging but it's getting me so down *sigh*
  8. Hey guys, I'm Currently using dans aha+ to clear my face and the hyper pigmentation that comes with it! I can honestly say after the stinging and the initial purging (which explains why some of u say u broke out straight after using aha on it's own) my face is pretty much clear now and my marks are slowly fading but I've only been using it for just over 2 weeks. The first week and a half when I broke out more I wanted to give up but honestly this stuff is amazing I don't know why they don't reco
  9. Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me! I ordered the treatment and aha+ on amazon.com almost 3 weeks ago and it's not here yet! Delivery estimate says between June 29th to July 17 so although it hasn't exceeded the delivery estimate, I don't understand how u all got it within 10 days??? I ordered from the UK too, why aren't my products here
  10. @abigailwheeler that last comment you made really lifted my spirits thank u! We've been together for almost 2 years but my skin was pretty much clear up until last year and I guess just makeup and general shyness kept him from paying too much attention to my face! I read about you and the support you have received from your partner and I'm really really happy for u, I hope that I can get there with my boyfriend soon I'm just tired of waiting 2 or 3 weeks to see him to wait for my skin to look
  11. I ordered dans aha+ too keep us updated I would love to know if it gets rid of those whiteheads since I have them too! x Oh and btw @nfamousjade I'm sure whoever that person was that called u beautiful was right! Stay beautiful everyone ❤
  12. @nfamousjade I think those are clogged pores ur describing so it's a whitehead that needs to be unclogged. Try using a bha or an aha for exfoliation, I have a few of those and they're harder to treat than inflamed acne! Feeling ok ish today, a couple of healing spots and the rest is ok it's just the PIH that makes it all look worse than it is! Annoyed by these bloody clogged pores on my chin tho, so frigging stubborn! Ahh *sigh*
  13. That's what I was thinking but if it is then what can be done about hormones? Ive had these over a year now and im so close to giving up and accepting theyl be with me forever
  14. Someone out there must have the answer!!! I now HATE the natural light outside because of these bumps !!! I'm trying mandelic peel every 4 days from a recommendation from someone who had similar problem so I will be updating on how it goes!
  15. @ClearDreaming that is very true! Kids may point it out but they hardly treat u any different! I don't know about older kids though, they can be pretty mean :s I'm so glad I'm not the only one who this happens to, u guys feel my pain as always ❤