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  1. Minocycline serum half-life is from 11 - 23hr. So you'll be good to take Isotretinoin 1 - 2 days after your last dose of Mino
  2. Call ur derm and have him fax the Rx to the pharmacy; I think he will. Do whatever it takes to get ur med on time, don't miss a dose
  3. I'm currently on school insurance which is pretty crappy. I've check and it shows that they only covers $1,000 maximum Rx drug / year. So I'm trying to find the cheapest I could and make use of that $1,000 benefit I've check the price on the insurance website and it said Claravis 80mg price was $855 for a month supply @[email protected] . That means it only lasts me basically 1 month.... sigh.
  4. Does anybody know which is the cheapest brand? Sotret vs Amnesteem vs. Claravis ? And where should I get it filled at? I know Walgreens is charging too much for isotretinoin. Walmart may be a good place to start? Please help!