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  1. 3 Weeks: Thank you for the advice, Skinnie! I decided to just go with the Tazorac and live off of the rest of my Duac sample as a spot treatment. It was all going GREAT, but this one pimple I have had for MONTHS that had finally gone away reemerged I don't know what to do...it's so red and awful looking. The Tazorac alone is OK, but it kinda makes my face greasy and oily. The Duac as the spot treatment helped a little bit, I guess, but not really significantly. I'm hoping Tazorac was the
  2. Actually, the Duac, I realized, made it more red :/ Here's another picture https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?ui=2&ik=e99aa3b102&view=att&th=137c3eb5ad4efbd2&attid=0.1&disp=inline&realattid=1404063338611081216-1&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_Z0Y5v7o_1BejjXYtc7--Z&sadet=1339086941135&sads=lwUsxhXbAaby4NlxFc3OMZlY5ZE&sadssc=1 Sorry, it's also not good quality. The zit/scar/inflamed thing looks a lot worse in person. Does anyon
  3. Thank you so much! I was applying Duac to one of those, and it just made it more red. I'll stop now.
  4. Thanks again for the help! I have Duac and Tazorac samples and am supposed to buy both, but the two together are almost $400...with discounts I am gonna have to pick Tazorac...hope my Duac sample lasts me! I'm worried
  5. Thanks! So Duac is helping?? I actually have some....how much do you use?
  6. I had this whitehead about 2 months ago and--this is when I was so ignorant and stupid--I tried to pop it. It got terrible and blew up into this huge mess that lasted for WEEKS. It got red, huge, painful, and it started looking more like an injury than a zit. I noticed that the pores (yes, this thing took up multiple pores!) were clogged. Someone told me to pluck it out with tweezers. I pulled one of the clogs out with tweezers (took forever!!) and it was soooo weird. It was solid. Does a
  7. Yep, I just kept picking and picking, thinking I was helping it. Honestly, it doesn't look that bad. People have seen much worse! Don't touch it or maybe put on some oatmeal overnight. It should go away quickly.
  8. Been there, done that...and I had it for a month!!! It was awful. Please, please, please don't touch it. Don't let it rule your life, either. Trust me, people have seen worse than that. I kept popping mine, and I still have the scar two weeks later. If you REALLY need to do something, though, I would put a pimple treatment on it overnight with a band-aid so it absorbs. Clean & Clear Mark Treatment helped a bit, but I heard Neosporin + a band-aid works wonders for people. Personally, I
  9. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to debate, I just didn't understand. I only read the first post. Good luck to you all!
  10. I don't understand... What do you mean "if nobody masturbated/had sex, nobody would have acne"? Yes, acne is hormonal, but it doesn't mean that every time you do something like that you'll break out. I mean, I know kids/teens who don't do that stuff but still have terrible acne. I'm a girl, but I know this is very...important to guys, haha. If I were you, I'd get a better cleanser or go on a prescription rather than giving THAT up
  11. I used to love Cetaphil, but it had SLS I found 365 Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturizing Lotion at Whole Foods, and it's their all-natural version of Cetaphil. It works 10x better, is natural, in a pump bottle, and half the price. I highly recommend it!
  12. 5 Days- So far, so good! My skin is a LOT clearer since starting this, and it hasn't been too oily. The Duac clears me up pretty well, but oh god, it stings and burns so much! I have pretty sensitive skin, and even when I used a ton of moisturizer today, it was burning for a few hours. It was fine after a little bit, but then we ran in gym class, and the sweat "reactivated it," I guess, and it was stinging again. Maybe it was sunburn. I noticed I got sunburned today, so I got Neutrogena Ba
  13. This website reminds me of L'Occitane for some reason, which is still expensive, but not quite as expensive. My friend uses it and gets excellent results. I think she uses... http://usa.loccitane.com/FO/foaming-rice-cleanser.htm http://usa.loccitane.com/FO/immortelle-essential-water-for-the-face.htm http://usa.loccitane.com/FO/ultra-matte-face-fluid.htm You can probably get it for even cheaper off Amazon. However, I swear by Cetaphil, especially Whole Foods's all natural version of
  14. Hi! Yeah, this med was great in the beginning, but I think my skin just got used to it. Yours might now, though. Everyone is different Actually, yesterday, the dermatologist prescribed Tazorac and Duac, and those have really helped with oil in just a day! I'm not clear, but I'm on my way to clearing up, I think. Retin-A worked sometimes, the problem was it was too inconsistent. Sometimes I had beautifully clear skin, and sometimes I looked like a nightmare, haha.
  15. Hi! My dermatologist just prescribed Tazorac and Duac, and I was excited to try them...until I found out that together they were $400! Are there any prescriptions/generics/alternatives that work just as well for less money? That would be wonderful!! Thank you!