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  1. HAHA I thought the samething but this gives me a reason to do it. Going to start today. But anyone have any good acne advice. I dont know what cleanser I should be using which is the best of the best and the habits I should be following.
  2. I went to my dermatologist 2 weeks ago and she gave me epiduo but now I have a lot of new pimples. So my mom saw this and took me to my pediatrician and he gave me tetracycline. Which is better?! Is epiduo going to help more or will the tetracycline work better? I heard that tetracycline is bad so I don’t know what to do!
  3. I do a bit when I use my cleanser. I use cetaphil then epidou then a moisturizer( I dont know if this stuff might be hurting me more than helping) .It really bothers me around the chin and cheek. I dont know if its acne or folliculictis if you can tell by looking I will luv you I also I will see a derm on thursday so I can wait....a bit I dont know how I can show you a picture so sorry.
  4. I keep getting these bumps on my chin and beard and cheeks of my face. they are gross and either big and red or have white pus on them. I dont get any on my forehead or close to my noes just where I shave. The thing is these pimples or folliculitis things are bothering me! its like I can feel them on my skin and its really hard not to scratch or touch it, but I never do touch it no matter what. I went to my derm and she gave me epidou and said that shaving may be the cause to my problems but Im
  5. I was recently prescribed epidou by my doctor so I plan to use it at night after I clean my face with cetaphil and before I moisturizer. But i want to get rid of my scars too so I was thinking of buying merderma gel. Should I wait for my acne to clear first or can I use that with the epidou. I have to get used to epidou so I dont think I can but im just asking you guys =D Is epidou good by the way for mild acne. THANKS GUYS!
  6. the problem is that I keep doing everything he says but more and more whiteheads keep coming and the red marks I have from bumps are turning purplish!! I know you say stick with it but this punishment is worse than what I started with and I can help but feel lost. Is the regimen cause this new problem or is it the products im using or is it hormones? my diet has remained the same so that cant really be a big cause, I eat healthy I get my vegs and fruits in and no white bread or sugar drinks, on
  7. return the products you by...i should do that xD thanks. Also I made an appointment's with my dermatologist for this week about a moth ago( she is really busy) and I dont know if she will give me some other kinds of products to use or tell me to stay on this. I mean I can live with the extra acne for another week or two but she tell me to stop. Would you recommend me listening to her or the blog. And just to make sure, I will not really start to see better results and lose the red color and ext
  8. I have oily skin too and I really never had an acne problem until recently so I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have been on the regimen for.....5 DAYS xD but my face looks worse than ever right now since I started it. Its also the first time I started using the cetaphil stuff and I havent used BP in this way for months so my face is all red and a bunch of new white heads and red bumps have come up everywhere ='[ I dont know if the cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer are to blame
  9. I will try! But is hard!! I have a lot of new pimples that have turned white and I see a few more red bumps since I started. But can you please tell me exactly what you, a fellow follower of the regimen, do and use for your regimen and how your experiences with it were. I heard ur skin could purge with the regimen and I hate it. I feel so bad about my skin and I hate it. I try hard and make sure I eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water and do exercise but nothing works. Will this really hel
  10. Hello. I honestly dont know how the posting or asking of questions work here but thanks you for your advice. If you not mind I wouldlike to ask you some questions on a proper skin care routine.

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      Sure!! Please message me because I don't get notifications on this profile feed thing for some reason! :)

  11. can you explain to me exactly what you do now to treat your acne please
  12. Hi guys. I'm a 17 year old college student with some acne problems. I recently began Dans regiment program this week but I don't know if it will help. ( first off, I know it takes time and there are no quick fixes but I REALLY WANT A ROUTINE THAT CAN HELP PREVENT ME FROM GETTING ANY MORE ACNE BREAKOUTS) The way I do the regimen is I use Cetaphil cleanser then BP gel then Cetaphil moisturizer after I workout in the morning with my p90x program and at then I repeat the cleaning at night. The pro
  13. this is a great way to stick with your program so keep doing it =D plus in my eyes you should eat anything you want. dairy products like milk or yogurts are good for you, But, try skim milk or soy if you really don't like dairy stuff though. good luck
  14. Last week out of nowhere I started getting a lot of pimples on my chin. At first it was a few but now there are these red bumps and whiteheads on my chin and as I type this my skin feels so bad. Its like someone is picking at my face in this area and I dont know what to do. I just started the regimen two days ago and I know I wont get a quick fix from it, but my skin is bothering me so much. I haven't shaved since the breakout started and I dont know if my hair is to blame but the feeling is jus