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  1. Hey guys...I know acne can b very frustratin and every1's bodys are different. But something i been doin recently is EXFOLIATING. It seems to have a great affect on ma skin and gives u a nice glow. Basically when i get outta the shower i get a little flannel and soak it in water then lightly bush ma skin with it whilst ma skin is stil wet. The purpose of it to just brush away dead skin... Look it up on google...type in 'acne dead skin cells' and c wot comes up. Worth a try...i wish i was doin th
  2. this is a very good site with useful info...wish people would talk bout it more.
  3. A Patato is a proinflammatory food. Which means that it will also cause the same insulin spike as a refined carb. Eat them all u like but remember that they cause blood sugar levels to sore!
  4. Hey NVS, its probably the insulin rush after u've ate the speggheti (if thats how u spell it) food does not cause acne... It coontributes to it. Acne can be easily controlled if u follow the simple rule of 'low in fat and refined carb,HIGH in nutrients and fibre'
  5. I totally agree...I purchased the E-Book and it was useful to a certain degree... but way to EXTREME. Not to mention also its the most impractical regime ever!! u would have to live in some sort of village or some shit to follow this. To be honest there are alot of useful acne sites out there that ive been on... If you want to follow some basic steps that work really well try to avoid dairy from your diet and refined carbs like white bread,rice,pasta... and replace these with the whole versions
  6. I think that when i have sex, i do break out...Its important for males to replace lost zinc after sexual activity. But to be ohnest i allready follw the best diet i can so there is no way that i am giving up sex! i also feel that after sexual activity my skin feels more oily.
  7. Yo Sweetjade u are really full of knowledge, Are you a scientist or something? No ohnestly, im not tryin to be a funny guy... I do understand the whole acne diet connection. I wanted to know how trans fats can encourage inflammation.
  8. Appernenty if blocks the conversion of testosterone into its potent form... DHT. When testosterone converts into DHT this causes the oil gland to enlarge and produce more oil hence more acne. If u could stop that conversion from happening would it mean less acne?
  9. Thanx for the help guys. I havnt had sex since my little problem and for some odd reason im a lil scared now coz i dont wont it to happen again. Im gona start those PC exercises and try to worry less.
  10. Does anyone use this herb.. i read that it is good in bouncing bak the converstion of testoterone into a more active form of DHT. I was thinking of taking this because my skin gets quite greasy too.
  11. I have to just say that it feels so good to openly talk to people who suffer from the same problem as me (acne). It feels good that we can share our thoughts and ideas with each other. Its weird but since i joined the forum I kinda feel alot more confident about myself...I hope u guys do too and dont let acne get u down too much. I just hope that these science boffins can bring out some magic pill that can control acne and eliminate it but until then its still 'low in fat and refined carbs'. Kee
  12. Yo Thanx man, il look into these things and do a lil research on it... I cant fukin believe this. I used to be Sexually active but i havnt had sex for nearly 1 n half years. Need to control my premature ejactulations man!
  13. The problem is i want to know if anyone else that suffers from acne, has the same type of dilemna as me. Do u think if i took viagra my acne will get worse?
  14. ok, so basically i was with my girlfriend today and we were havin sex. To cut the long story short after a few minutes i was done allready...! But to make matters worse it took me ages to work it back up... I used to have severe acne and now my condition is mild to moderate. Does anyone else with acne (males) have this problem too. Is it because there is too much testosterone in my blood? I was thinking of tking viagra but I have a feelin my acne will get worse...Please can someone reply. This i
  15. Yo does any1 use freederm gel here? Ive been usin it 4 a few weeks now and i have to say its really good in tackling inflamed spots. Jus thought id post this in... please reply if any1 else uses this?