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  1. It's the very existence of SO MANY petty/cowardly/mean people that worries me in itself, in a way. Like how is it even possible that there are that many jerks out there? I can think of maybe one or two vaguely douchey people that I know in real life, and even they come off much nicer than internet anons. I wonder who these people are and where they're coming from. Or who knows, maybe they are all high school bullies or something - the only time I remember that many people all being assholes at t
  2. Raw dark chocolate doesn't break me out, you can even make it at home. It's actually an antioxidate and very healthy. Don't eat a hershey's bar though, they add all kinds of terrible artificial ingredients that are bad for you. I too, love chocolate and I don't break out from eating it, and I am reallyy sensitive! I can't even eat one potatoe w/o breaking out. Blegh, I was never a Hershey's girl anyway (Lindt, on the other hand...) I hate the very very dark chocolate, but I do like regular dar
  3. Oh, that's a beautiful cover. Thanks for sharing it! I had no idea she did one of "Terrible Love" - I love the The National original (huge fan of The National in general, actually). Speaking of pretty-voiced girls doing the The National covers, have you heard Oh Land's of "Bloodbuzz Ohio"? Would icepick scars be the worse of the two or scarred pores? Or are they just equally awful on the acne scale?
  4. I personally really hate how susceptible our skin is to red/dark marks and scarring! I really cannot wait to finish Accutane, wait six months, and then do all my peels and lasers... I do moisturize, thank you! (Usually after I shower/wash my face too, as well as after I wake up/before I go to sleep.) I've actually tried the Aveeno but find that I like Marcelle or Avene better. I'm fairly meticulous about it because I've heard about the moisturizing-helping-scarring thing. So very lucky that I'm
  5. I guess it just improves your outlook on things. I do think, though, that a lot of it has to come from within yourself and some people just don't gain that sort of self-confidence from reading. I read The Secret and a bunch of other things years ago but the confidence had to come from me when I was ready. Accutane also helped. Aww, chiming in on all this reading love. I'm not a big fan of the self-help genre at all (I think way too much of it condones wishful thinking), but one of my favourite
  6. Wow, she's amazing! I'm in awe of her makeup skills. I think she's beautiful - so glowy ...also, I totally do not even get anon comments on Youtube videos/online news articles sometimes - they're just so, so mean and make me lose all faith in humanity It really makes you wonder what people are thinking but not saying in real life. I can understand having those types of thoughts, actually, but to put them out there in public with the intention of hurting somebody and just being giant asshol
  7. Maybe it depends on how you cook your veggies? I'm guessing lightly steamed would be better than stir-fried (my weakness, but I'm Asian so it's unavoidable ). Does dark chocolate actually help acne? Or does it just not trigger it? I'm genuinely curious. I miss chocolate
  8. I think it really depends for the person. My skin got a lot better in just the first month - I think the Accutane got rid of about 40% of my acne, but during this second month its stabilized and I'm not seeing any improvement. I've heard three months for most people as well. Don't lose hope!
  9. Yikes, that's discouraging. Thank you for the answer though, and good luck with the Lux 1540! I'm Asian too - I hate that our skin is so prone to red/dark marks and scarring. *sighs*
  10. I've had acne (well, milia to be more exact) both underneath my eyes and on my eyelids Not sure about the hands though.
  11. Er, exactly what the question sounds like, I guess. Also, if so, how long does the process usually take?
  12. I'm sorry to hear that. I wish I had some words of encouragement for you, but then I'd just be acting really disingenuous. You seem like a sweet guy though, so good luck with that.
  13. As a girl, I feel a LOT of what you feel. I don't think that type of insecurity is exclusive to either sex. I'm not really sure what advice to offer because I'm working through these issues as well. I'm most afraid of falling for somebody who won't ever even be able to see me in a romantic light because of my skin, and just having the rest of my life being in a state of constant heartbreak thanks to that. I don't think I'm helping the OP's case at all by admitting this, but I'm surprised to
  14. Thanks! And yeah, it's been less than fun, let's just put it that way. Thank you! (Trust me, I feel anything but.) I did use hydrocortisone cream, yes - it was a big help for me too! I'm actually doing a bit better now that I'm taking an Accutane hiatus for the week. What dosage are you on now? At any rate, I'm on Day 3 of my hiatus right now and not taking Accutane has improved my mood considerably - I'm really surprised at how quickly the hiatus is working. I'm certainly no bundle of cheerful
  15. Don't pop your own zits! Get your derma to do it! I speak from experience - I did this once (by accident, though) and it definitely left a scar, so I'd recommend that you be extra careful NOT to pop them no matter how tempted you feel. Good luck otherwise! It must be discouraging not to see much of an improvement after three months, but like others have said, the fourth seems to be the magic sticker for a lot of people so don't give up hope just yet
  16. Good luck! Your acne doesn't look too bad as is. Hopefully the drug will clear you up good and fast
  17. Good luck! It's nice that your derma put you on a low dosage to start off with - taper off the side effects (which are awful) a bit. Hopefully the positive effects of the drug kick in soon
  18. That you don't :( Come to think of it though, I'm not actually sure whether my pores are just pores or small icepick scars... I don't know which one I'd prefer. Also, that Birdy cover! A friend recommended it to me a while back and I really like it. It's so pretty and soothing.
  19. I've heard good things about her stuff all around; I figure I might as well try it at some point. I'm basically a glorified receptionist, though my official title has "marketing" in it. So, er, yeah. My job requires me to interact with not only coworkers but clients, so it's definitely a little anxiety-inducing. I'm not planning on quitting my job (at least not for now) even though I'm sorely tempted to. My fingers are definitely crossed that Accutane will give me my life back.
  20. I had plenty of blackheads at the tip of my nose but apparently very few pores. I actually never even noticed until I was at a makeup store one day and the sales associate was trying to promote some new anti-pore cream/gel/whatever - then she took a closer look at me and went "oh wait, you have no pores..." *cue awkward silence* Man do I miss my poreless skin. It's so weird looking at all these pokey holes in my face, so I'm really hoping they'll go away soon. What do people usually use for por
  21. I was suffering some pretty nasty side effects, which is strange because other than the super dry lips I barely felt any on the 40 mg. Worst of all was that the 40/80mg dosage really exacerbated my depression - I basically have to go off Accutane for a week right now because my derma wants me to get the heavier dosage out of my system before I go back to 40mg/daily. I've been on Accutane for almost two months now. I started during the first week of October if I remember correctly. Thanks! Your s
  22. It's a very rare condition, actually quite different from "regular" rosacea. The link I provided above describes it somewhat, but to be honest I don't know all that much about it either because it's so rare that physicians have had little opportunity to study it. Basically, it's when severe cystic acne (that would normally take months to develop) occurs solely on the face of a post-adolescent woman, usually between the ages of 20 and 30, within the span of a week. It has no known cause, though r
  23. Thanks so much! Glad to be back. I think. I'm really glad my scarring isn't too terrible even if my red/dark marks are really severe. I'm lucky that I got on Accutane within a month instead of several - I shrudder to think of how much worse the damage could be if I didn't. I deliberately chose unflattering lighting and I still look worse in real life! How sad is that?
  24. Thanks for the link. I'll definitely check it out! I've been thinking of getting some of the Paula's Choice stuff post-Accutane, but maybe once I finish my current supply of skin products I'll order some of Paula's stuff to test it out. I'm not suicidal. I don't want to die - I just want to injure myself badly enough that I'll have a "legitimate" excuse to... well, not go out, actually. Because if I quit my job just outright, then I won't even be a regular loser, I'll be an unemployed loser and
  25. Good luck on your course! I'm suffering through huge pores right now too. They're just so disconcerting, gah