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  1. When you set the gallery up, you can choose to make it public, private, or visible only to people on your friends list. The other option if you didn't want to put pictures on the forum would be to start a blog and set it so that it can only be viewed by members. Thank you Paul! That's very helpful. Also, I've been off Accutane for about a week and a half now. I'm still breaking out, but just tiny (though still visible) whiteheads all over my face with a lot of redness surrounding the broken-ou
  2. It actually looks severe to me too. Seconding the poster above - hang in there.
  3. If it bothers you, then I actually recommend that you do confront the person on the spot in the least emotionally loaded way that you can. Reacting isn't necessarily a bad thing - all the injustices of the world will never go away if nobody actually addresses them. I'd say take a deep breath, search deep inside yourself to figure out what exactly does bother you about that person's words/behaviour, and then try your best to explain your feelings to the other person in question because they may j
  4. I agree, its obviously a tricky topic, but how would they like it if you did that to them? I understand that you don't really want the hushed up thing, but to just be so blatantly annoying and make you feel uncomfortable ain't called for either. Tell em where to stick it. I'm not a measly-mouthed person; if I have a problem with somebody, I always definitely call them out on it. I'm just honestly not bothered by it - I was at the time because I was on a medication that was making me think and f
  5. It honestly doesn't really bother me at all right now. Did while I was on the Accutane, but that seriously changed me into a whole other person... I'm normally very laid-back. If I knew she'd meant it in a nasty way, I would've said something, but because I know she didn't (and because it really doesn't bother this normal incarnation of me) It's really just... no big, I guess.
  6. Oh, everybody comments on my skin. All the time. I don't know - back when I was on the Accutane it bothered me a lot, but now that I'm off it I'm just like "...that's cool, whatevs." (Accutane fucked with my brain really badly.) In a way I'm actually glad because having everybody just be open about it makes it seem like less of this big deal that needs to be ~hushed up~ and treated ~sensitively~. The thing is, my acne came REALLY suddenly - I had spotless skin one week and then a full face of cy
  7. If it makes you guys feel any better, I get pimples on my eyelids
  8. So much better now that I'm off the Accutane (I had to go off because the side effects were way too potent). It's like I'm finally back in my own head, holy shit - I can't even believe some of my own thoughts from just one or two weeks ago came from me.
  9. Quick story: I noticed just this morning that one of my coworkers has really bad acne scarring (and I've been working in my office for almost half a year now). I always had some sort of vague impression in the back of my mind that his skin wasn't too great, but it wasn't until I was standing next to him this morning that he had quite a few deep icepicks/boxcars all over his cheeks. It's sort of funny because his mom also works here and when I first broke out, she commented fairly frequently on m
  10. Hard as it may be to believe, neither you nor your lot in life are ultimately reducible to the way you look.
  11. You definitely have to moisturize. Just choose a non-comedogenic/hypoallergenic moisturizer.
  12. Thanks so much to everybody for their replies! I'm on Accutane right now so I can't do much to treat my scars, but I do feel really reassured that the shallower scars have gone away for at least some of you
  13. You'll never know unless you try. And from what you're saying here, trying definitely sounds worth the potential "awkwardness."
  14. I can understand that. I've been avoiding my friends lately not so much because I'm ashamed of being depressed/my acne, but because I've been very afraid of infecting people with all my negativity :( Still, it definitely sounds like those friends cared about you, and I think you'd probably be doing both them and yourself a disservice if you didn't at least try to explain. I'd rather feel like an awkward weirdo than lose a close friendship forever. Close friends are so you can act like an awkward
  15. I was somewhat popular in high school as well, though I went to a very academic high school so our social hierarchy was a little less obvious/stratified. Honestly though, I was a huge bitch back then in a lot of ways. My friends and I sometimes joke that we probably made a lot of secret enemies back in high school because we were always making fun of people who were a little "different" one way or another. In a sense, I feel like my acne is probably a little bit like karmic retribution for havin
  16. Thank you so much for replying! And yeah - I always feel a pretty heavy pang of guilt whenever I think about those people, because they obviously do have it so much worse than I. I think that when you're just sitting at home alone feeling sorry for yourself, it's easy to dismiss the idea that you're supposed to regard your acne with a little more perspective - especially because there's no immediate physical reminder of how (relatively) lucky you are and how much worse things could be. But when
  17. so are you finished with your course?can you tell me a little about yourself and your accutane course please , and oh i only have 6 now the 4 gotten smaller,i hate hyperpigmentation lol My log is here though it's a bit wordy, so I'll just recap here in case you don't feel like reading too much text. I'm not even finished my second month, unfortunately - I'm actually taking a week-long Accutane hiatus right now because the higher dosage my derma put me on during my second month had some pretty s
  18. I broke out during my second month too. I think most people start to see real improvement in months 3 and 4, so don't lose hope! I'm also Asian, so I can fully sympathize with your hyperpigmentation woes. I'm a girl but I refuse to wear makeup (both because it clogs my existing pores and because I don't like the idea of dealing with my insecurities by hiding them away), so I feel very self-conscious about my appearance most of the time. Good on you for being positive, and good luck with
  19. Last day of my hiatus! (I go back on 40 mg tomorrow.) I'm actually doing really well both acne-wise and psychologically right now - no new actives (despite being on my period) and I'm feeling a rush of optimism that I can handle this thing. It's been hard for me to really accept that I don't have to be popular and outgoing and attractive in order to happy and in order to have "worth" as a person, but I'm really working hard on not letting my acne dictate my mood and therefore my life, so I hope
  20. I know how you feel exactly. Do you mind if I ask you lost the contact information of all your friends from before? Maybe it would be easier to get in touch with some of your closer friends from before - it's likely they did care about you back then, so they'll probably be happy to hear from you even after a long dry spell (and maybe you can explain your reasons for disappearing). Baby steps. P.S. I don't know if this works for anybody else, but for me personally, I find that just "accepting"
  21. My blood tests are all fine, but I had some nasty psychological side effects at a higher dosage so my derma put me on a week long hiatus as well. I'm supposed to go back on my meds tomorrow. I've actually really enjoyed being off the Accutane because the side effects from the drug also disappeared so quickly (within 1-2 days). I got a few new actives, but my period also came this week and they were all very small, so I doubt Accutane would've held those back. Good luck with getting your liver ba
  22. Heh. I stumbled upon your log pretty much right after I replied to your message, then noticed that the name was the same - coincidences, coincidences! Anyways, I just wanted to say that even though you say your skin doesn't seem to be responding to the Accutane as quickly as some other people's, judging by the pictures you've posted, I do see a great difference at least compared to the very beginning Also with makeup on, I can't tell you have acne at all. I can completely understand the anxiety
  23. I had staggered breakouts which lessened as the weeks continued. Nothing happened the first few days, but I had about 5-6 (big) pimples over the first week, another 3-4 (slightly smaller) over the second and third, and by the fourth everything was cooling down. However, after my derm upped my dosage, I got another 5-6 pimples as an "initial breakout." I'd say that I get a pimple or two a week now that my body has had time to adjust, and these pimples are a lot smaller than the ones I got during
  24. Man, I really feel for you I'm so insecure about my skin already that having a partner even more bothered by my acne than me... I wouldn't know what to do in your shoes. Actually, I feel like an asshole for saying this because aside from this whole acne issue I don't know anything about your relationship with your spouse, but are you sure you want to have a baby with this guy? If he's more worried about your acne than all the other sacrifices that come with child-rearing, then it sounds like he