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  1. 1. Don't compare yourself to other people where comparison is unnecessary. You are not your friends. Yes, he sounds more objectively physically attractive than you and yes, that means he will attract more immediate attention. But there are probably areas in life where your have the upper hand as well. 2. Everybody is superficial, including you - especially at this stage in our lives when we haven't learned better. If you were to meet a pair of girls, one conventionally attractive and skinny
  2. ...yes, because the only reason women wear makeup = to seduce men, therefore we must be lying to them.
  3. 1. Try hatha flow yoga. It's a style of yoga that focuses on breathing and keeping your inner peace - very slow, but very relaxing. If you're not the yoga type, remember (when you are feeling anxious) to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It sounds stupid, but it often works. 2. Speaking of breathing - don't forget what you learned in elementary school. Count backwards from 10, take three deep breaths, and think nice thoughts. 3. Back when I was on the Accutane, I u
  4. Your parents have a valid point. So do you. I think it's sad that people underestimate the extent to which acne can be psychologically debilitating. Your parents come from a place of ignorance - I'm guessing they've never had to suffer through severe acne themselves before. It's hard to blame them for this ignorance because I don't think most people in their shoes could be reasonably expected to be able to understand. As your parents, they're probably doing their best to be supportive, but i
  5. No, it really wouldn't. You'd just find something else to hate about yourself. Having said that, I feel your pain and anger. Sometimes I get really irritated with people as well - l was just reading this article and it was incredibly triggering because her acne is mild but she's already acting like she looks like a "monster." I'd leave a comment on the article, but that would require me signing up for a new account. People are not only unsympathetic but often also incredibly callous, and it's re
  6. Soy really is a controversial one - even many dieticians/nutritionists disagree about its health benefits vs. risks. For what its worth, I'm Asian so I've grown up eating tons of soy and its definitely never been a problem for me. I think that soy in limited quantities, provided you don't have a soy allergy, is generally supposed to be good for you - but if you go soy everything, it can lead to many adverse health problems for a person. Everything in moderation, right?
  7. Deep fry them. Tempura! ...jk jk. My favourite easy/delicious/filling veggie dish is a ratatouille - you can always adjust the recipe for your dietary needs. I also quite like stir-frying veggies in chicken broth rather than any type of oil and using garlic instead of any type of salt for flavouring. Oh, and I sometimes boil spinach for less than five minutes and then eat it with a sesame (gomaae) sauce, though you do need soy for that. I'm also a huge mushrooms fiend, so I garnish a lot of
  8. Honestly it sounds like acne is going to be just that a footnote in your history. From your thread it sounds like you have many great things in your life, and success is in your future. Everyone has to go through a battle I guess. Once you get rid of acne you will be back on track. Thank you Although it's true that I'm very lucky, keep in mind that I deliberately picked only the good things to talk about in my thread! Sometimes you just have to be really determined to focus your attention som
  9. I think there is always going to be some reason or other to feel unhappy about yourself/your life. Staying positive requires a shit load of energy, but I think it's worth the effort. There are definitely times I miss the days when I didn't have acne. I was looking at pictures of myself from high school the other day and I looked like a porcelain doll (in comparison to what I look like now) - its only been about seven years since then, but I look like I've aged much more than that and it scar
  10. Den, I'm so happy to read that you're doing much better now. You sound like an incredibly strong person.
  11. Back when I had clear skin, almost never - I seriously was best friends with a girl for two years in high school and only recently learned she'd had moderate acne back then and I just didn't notice. Now? All the freaking time. I stare at people's skin like most alcoholics stare into the bottom of a liquor glass, hoping to find answers to life's most philosophically troubling riddles.
  12. WoW How do I get hooked up like that. Know the right people. It's all about the connections.
  13. I really feel for you, OP! My skin scars the same way yours does - I'm also Asian, so our skin is definitely prone to scarring/PIH (you look like you have a few boxcars and icepicks, mostly shallow, and then some severe PIH). On the other hand, I think I heal a bit more quickly - the reason for this might be a variety of factors, but I feel like applying benozyl peroxide with a Q-tip onto my scarred/red areas has helped a great deal because it has bleaching properties. It is also formulated for
  14. Betsy, have you actually seen a derma, a dietician/nutritionist, or even just a general practitioner? It might help you to get some information from actually accredited sources - they're the experts.
  15. This is probably going to sound like the most logically inconsistent advice ever, but I think that looking to the internet for definitive answers is almost always a very bad plan. While there's plenty of good information out there, there's also a lot of crap and sometimes it's hard to tell which is which, especially if you are desperate and willing to try(/believe) almost anything to beat your acne. If you want to work on your diet, then see a dietician or at least nutritionist, or pick up a boo
  16. I have a rare skin condition called rosacea fulminans which is generally only responsive to isotrentinoin, so I went on Accutane. I'd been warned by my derma that Accutane triggered depression, but I figured that since I was already depressed from my RF outbreak, this potential side effect would be of little consequence. What I very, very stupidly didn't count on was the Accutane exacerbating my depression to an unmanageable degree - I'm naturally quite a cheerful person, but just two weeks ago
  17. Your eyes also just still may be adjusting to the lighting.
  18. Hi OP, I started having acne only September of this year and was shocked at what a huge impact it had on my personality and outlook. Although part of this change can be attributed to the shock of developing acne so randomly/abruptly (I have a rare condition called rosacea fulminans/pyoderma faciale) and then taking Accutane (the side effects were just really awful for me) for it, I definitely became significantly more socially anxious because of my acne and experienced the same stuff a lot of th
  19. Hopefully I'm not being out of line here, but there's been evidence that bulimia actually triggers acne (among other things). Making yourself throw up is very, very bad for your skin/body. So the OP is suggesting that acne might be a trigger for EDs? I wouldn't be surprised about that either. If your face goes "wrong," I guess you naturally want to compensate by working on your body, but it's easy to take that too far. Sometimes I wonder where the line between "eating disorder" and "disordered e
  20. So if acne scars were suddenly the "hot new thing" and everybody wanted a piece of you and fawned all over you because you had acne scars, they'd still be the worst?
  21. Thanks. Fingers crossed, I guess. I admire your optimistic/positive spirit, Paul! I definitely believe we can connect with people too, but I guess my problem is just that I find myself so physically repellant right now that I can't imagine anybody looking at me in a romantic/sexual light anymore. Truth be told, I don't even believe romantic/sexual love is possible without the component of physical attraction there as well. I've heard about people getting together on this board as well, but I th
  22. I really miss feeling pretty. It's not something I think I'll get back until my acne/scarring clears, but realistically that's going to take years so I'm really dreading what the future has in store for me. It's hard not to feel like being romantically/sexually desirable is this really huge thing when you're in your twenties and romantic/sexual relationships are basically the only thing anybody your age ever seems to care or talk about. Sometimes I'm scared that I'm going to be crushed by the we
  23. I can relate to this to a certain extent. I didn't have acne until three months ago, but when the acne came, it came very severely and abruptly and sent me into an emotional tailspin which was only exacerbated by taking Accutane. I'm off the Accutane now (the side effects were too serious for me) and I can slowly feel my mood start going back to normal, but my god has this experience been an enlightening one for me. I'd always been a very outgoing and socially visible person in the past, but now
  24. The average age for people to lose their virginity in Canada and the States is 17. Whether the OP is "too young" or not really depends on his own level of maturity - teens can often be very mature just like adults can be seriously immature. I've known teens who've educated themselves on both pregnancy and STI prevention and who've had active sex lives with no problems/complications whatsoever, and adults who've gotten pregnant multiple times (without meaning to, obviously) because they were too