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  1. Ha ha, thanks Brasswill! I like my name too. I would really like to work out more, but a) my depression is just making me sad and tired all the time, and b) the accutane is causing some joint pain, so I'm wary about putting more pressure on my body. I'm both glad to hear that you have a loving husband and sad to hear that his desire for you doesn't really help. Tbh, I can't even CONCEIVE of a guy liking me any more after this, so I guess that's where the validation would come in for me. I wo
  2. Danipaskor, I've been to exactly five different doctors (including one Chinese skin specialist) and one dermatologist. I am on accutane right now (my derma took one look at me and prescribed it right away) and really, REALLY hoping that my skin will go back to normal after two months. Even given that though, I still have a LOT of hyperpigmentation to worry about, so I expect it will be a very long time before I look like my old self again... if I ever do, that is Thank you, though! I'm sorry to
  3. ^I can't guarantee anything. Nobody can. Given past events however, I would say that this is probably the least risky way. If your skin is reacting badly though, it may be because a) you're overusing the product and therefore irritating your acne, or b) you had an allergic reaction to some acne ingredient. Like I said in my previous reply, I had pretty much NO acne before and then went to having a full face of it literally overnight. I didn't change anything in my diet/sleeping/lifestyle hab
  4. ^Others may disagree, but I'd say that given the past trajectory of events, leave it alone and baby yourself as much as possible. No more creams, no more treatments - just eat as clean a diet as you can, try your best NOT to stress over it (this may seem hard, but even if you can only accomplish this by numbing your feelings with as much trashy television as possible or whatever, GO FOR IT), and get plenty of quality beauty sleep. It will probably take some time, but your acne will probably have
  5. Hi all, I only recently developed acne and am thinking of modifying my diet some more in order to help things along. However, I'm running into some problems trying to decide what to and what not to include in said diet, so if any of you vets can help me, I'd be very grateful. Here are my points of consideration: 1. I developed moderate acne virtually overnight after living over two decades with near-flawless skin. As it stands, I'm pretty sure the source of my acne is really wonky hormon
  6. First off, I'm sorry if this topic is a trigger for anybody. It's technically a trigger for me too, which is why I'm posting about it - in hopes of dragging the issue out into the open and beating this (probable) dead horse into the earth, I guess. The more I think about it, the more I realize one of the things I'm having the biggest trouble dealing with with regards to my acne is my "automatic" sexual unattractiveness to the opposite (I'm heterosexual) sex. Of course I'm quite miserable abo
  7. Y'know, back in the olden days when I had near-perfect skin, I would've flipped out if my skin broke out that way. Now, I would be really HAPPY if my skin looked that clear (and probably taking it as a sign that the accutane is, hurrah, working!)... so the feeling really is relative. *laughs* Everybody deals with acne differently - I don't know if you meant to ask about our feelings on your acne as a point of comparison, but I personally think that it doesn't really matter how we'd feel in your
  8. I feel really guilty - save for showing up at two (very small) birthday dinners, I haven't really seen my friends for over a month now. I've sort of just vaguely alluded to the fact that I'm feeling "tired" lately (they know me well enough to know that that means "seriously depressed") and that I'll contact them when I'm ready. I'm very lucky because they haven't really pushed me to hang out with them either, save for the first few attempts - they just mostly text to check up on me every once in
  9. I basically went with the first thing that popped into my mind... *is random* I understand that, yeah I waffle back and forth between GOD HATES ME and WAIT I DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IN GOD and EVEN IF GOD EXIST WHY WOULD I ASSUME THAT I WAS SO SPECIAL AS TO WARRANT SO MUCH OF HIS DISDAIN. In the end, I usually settle on the fact that whether there's a god or not, there's definitely a lesson to take from all of this. Good luck with joining the army! It sounds like you have a really good attitude abo
  10. What goes around comes around, right? You say you're a better person now than you used to be. Your acne will fade (I've never seen a sixty year old man with acne...), but it will probably take some time - I just have no idea how long. (For the record, we're in the same boat.) The funny thing about "being a better person" though, is that it's not really as consolatory as most people would probably hope. It's so, so much easier to be happy and confident - even if it's a largely superficial kin
  11. Ugh, Marisa I'm very sorry to hear that as well. I don't have as many as 75 active pimples (probably around half), but I definitely look like a stranger now (that is, wheN I can stand to look at myself). Before this month I'd never really had acne in my life (just the occasional pimple here and there at best) and even considered my skin one of my best features, so I suppose that also explains why I'm freaking out so badly. I can completely understand not wanting to go out for an entire month -
  12. Hi Paul, thanks a lot for the response. I'm sorry to hear that acne has been with you for thirteen years now, and that you lost friends (and a job) because of it. I'm definitely afraid of losing my friends - not so much because I think they'd ever turn on me, but because I no longer feel like I belong with them anymore, as stupidly adolescent as that sounds. I never realized until recently just how debilitating acne actually is - I used to think it was just something teenagers got for a few year
  13. Strangely enough, I found that acne helped with my studying. I'm not sure this is the best solution, but ever since I developed acne I just stopped being... social, I guess, which freed up a lot of time for me to just sit at home and pour over my prep. I don't know what to say about the going to class part because I'm struggling with the being-seen-in-public-a-lot aspect of having acne too, so I have no advice to give there except that unless you're a grad student (or an ambitious undergradu
  14. Hi, brand new member here. Sorry for the tl;dr post. I have a lot of ~feelings~, apparently. I had nearly flawless skin until last month, when almost literally overnight I developed a face of moderate to severe acne. As a result, I'm having a very hard time coping with the emotional effects of acne. I'm pretty sure that I've fallen into a fairly serious depression, given that I can't seem to go a single day without crying several times (this has lasted for entire the past month, yes) and in