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  1. hey don't be so pessimistic... everyone's trying their best. So the best thing that we do is to encourage everyone. Thanks everyone for sharing your resolutions! Keep em coming!
  2. Hey everyone! Your resident male RN here. New Year's coming up so have you listed your New Year's ACNE RESOLUTION??? I'd like to hear it from you... Please post a comment below. HAPPY LISTING!!!
  3. Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing great today! I didn't find any thread that talks about how much acne has changed someone's life. Please share your experience on how much it changed your life so that we will all unite and help each other... Cheers to life everyone! God bless!
  4. Hey everyone! I know most of you are frustrated today because of the acne you have... Reality sucks - I know. However, like any normal human phase, acne is just a PHASE in life. It may by the only thing as of the moment that makes your world turn..(Believe me, by the time you reach 40, acne will be the least of your concerns) You may think that it's good for nothing - maybe, maybe not. Look at it from different angles... not just on a physical note - spiritual, emotional - ev
  5. It seems you have quite a problem there. Based on your post, I can see that you are really frustrated to the point of anger and hatred to yourself. Believe me, starving yourself IS NOT HEALTHY if not dangerous to your overall health. Getting rid of acne may be one of your goals as of this moment to the point of "self-flagellation", but there are far more important things than this. As a nurse, I am accustomed to these reactions, my advice: Seek out your true purpose. before you
  6. Great post. I'm happy for you. However, saying that acne will just stop at a certain time in your life is not at all true. It might be for you, but unfortunately for some people, it is not. Still, It's good to know that there is a success story - just don't let it revolve on revenge and isolation. Cheers to life!
  7. I definitely understand how you feel... It is very true that everyone thinks he/she is a doctor when it comes to acne, however, we must be positive about this, they all just want to help us in our problem to the best they can, even if it means acting out the part of a doctor. just don't let it get to you... be strong, have patience, and everything will work out fine in the end. God bless.
  8. Acne outbreak is really a problem to many of you as it affects your appearance and confidence. There are many different ways for curing of acne outbreak, but you may find them not effective. Such ineffectiveness may be associated to your wrong concepts on the curing methods. You should read the following information if you acne outbreak is a continuous problem for you. Quite a lot of people think their acne outbreak is caused by hormonal disorder. Actually, hormonal disorder is not the most
  9. That's good to hear margox! All you have to do now is follow through year treatment FAITHFULLY... Good luck!
  10. Are you using dermatologic skincare products? Have you heard of NeoStrata, SkinCeuticlas or Cetaphil? Those are some popular brands of dermatologic skincare products. Of course, there are still many other brands available in the market. Do you know why they are called dermatologic skincare products? What are the differences of these dermatologic products compared to ordinary commercial skincare products? People usually associate these products with ideas like hospitals; clinics; doctors and medi
  11. Hey Margox! It's nice to know that I have a fellow Filipino here on this forum. Well, anyway, consulting a doctor should be your primary concern if you have acne problems. More so for you because you have been experiencing acne for about a year now. A word of advice though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. If you have some medical background however, you can. But knowing that majority of the people here at this forum have no medical background whatsoever, that is why I alw
  12. using medicines is not at all bad... but have you considered using natural home remedies? Or at least given your body a well-deserved rest? The kind that lets your body break free from all the stress... you know that sleep deprivation will let your adrenal glands secrete more cortisol thus making your sebaceous glands secrete more oil? Anyway, your doing great, just stick to the plan... hope that helps... God bless.
  13. Neutrogena Clear Body scrub is good one to use...