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  1. Thought i'd give a quick update, cant remember what day it is now, stopped counting a while back... haven't had anything new for a while, had a small breakout about a week ago but only on the top right side of my face and had about 2 new pimples around my chin, i do seem to have got quite a few new pimples on my forehead over the last few days though. Right now i'm working out every other day and going for a run daily, also my diet is absolutely shot to pieces which could be why my forehead is b
  2. Day 10: Again nothing new today, pimple from yesterday is healing up, the seb derm on my nose is looking the best i can remember since it started. My only problem is the red marks on my cheek at the moment, they stand out a fair bit. It's been just over a week since the massive breakout that caused me to take up this regimen so i dont really expect them to have faded completely, ususally i'd put manuka honey on to help speed up the process but i'm worried it might end up drying my skin, mig
  3. Day 9: Got a small pimple on my cheek this morning, never get them there... It popped when i accidently brushed my finger against it but it was really tiny. Went for a jog this morning and had a shower after, skin felt a bit dry until this evening, now it feels ok. Other than the pimple everything seems good.
  4. Day 8: Didn't wash today, still nothing new yet. The itching's subsided now, not much else going on, i'm going to give it a week or so just to see how it goes before i'm fully satisfied it's working. Gonna go for a run tomorrow morning and rinse my face in the shower after that. My diet's been reasonable recently but i wouldn't say great, still having quite a few wheat products but if i can eat that and still not break out then my regimen must be really helping. Might start introducing dairy
  5. Yeah i know what you mean about being tempted back into using products, everyones always saying you need a cleanser but then you end up needing a moisturiser to stop your skin being dry and then it's back to the cycle of products which don't help! I'm glad your skin's already looking better, i've found it seems to work really quickly! Are you washing your face every day or every other? Err not sure... i don't think it will, i used the softest towel i've got and when i say wipe it was the lightes
  6. Day 7: So nothing new today, the itching wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday. I think it's been 2 days without anything new and those before that were pretty small so it's looking good! Had a shower again tonight after playing football just to get the sweat off so i won't wash my face tomorrow seen as it's been 2 days in a row. After my shower i dried my face by gently wiping a clean towel over my face just to remove any extra dead skin seen as i'm not touching my face in the shower.
  7. Day 6: Had a shower this morning and washed my face, i also shaved in the shower, not really sure how my skin's going to react to that, maybe i should've let it adjust to the new regimen before i shaved but i really needed to. There's been nothing new today, skin's been pretty itchy since washing it. Realized i've been eating loads of foods i'm trying to avoid atm (bread, cookies, cake) not been a good few days for my diet but my face hasn't had any bad results yet, apart from the damn itchi
  8. Days 3,4 and 5: So on the 3rd day i didnt wash my face and my skin was a little itchy all day tbh, i only got one spot on my jaw which suprised me a bit, seen as i expected to get loads after the amount of cleansing i'd done just before starting this regimen, still i'm not complaining! The redness in my nose had gone down a bit too along with my face beginning to get a more even tone which helps my make my red marks less noticable. So i took a morning shower and rinsed my face again on t
  9. Day 2: No real difference from yesterday yet, i rinsed my face this morning in the shower after going for a bike ride but it doesn't feel too dry right now, hopefully it's started producing more oil because of the dryness of the last few days. Really i still expect to get a few spots because of the cleansing i gave my face yesterday and the fact i had another shower this morning but we'll see. I also remembered i've done this before in the past without thinking about it like when i went
  10. Day 1: Ok so today my skin is the worst it's been in a long time, i've cleaned it for the last time this morning to remove any traces of dirt or left over moisturiser and i'm not going to moisturise it again, i fully expect my face to continue breaking out for the next day or 2 because of this but eventually my skin will settle down (hopefully). I've got loads of red marks all over my skin and quite a few spots around my jaw/chin and my cheeks. My seb derm is also pretty bad at the momen
  11. Hi, although i'm new to the forum i've been following for over a year and i've finally decided to post. My acne is mild most of the time though sometimes it can become pretty moderate for a period. I've managed to clear it before using a light cleanser and jojoba oil in the evening only but i'm always looking to simplify my regimen so i dont have to go to bed with oil all over my face and keep such a strict skincare regimen. My skin used to be really oily and i never used a moisturiser after