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  1. Soaps can make your face more oily than it naturally is. Soaps dry your facial skin, therefore it produces more oil, what can end up in producing too much oil. Tea tree is a strong product, it will irritate. But if you don't do Wai Diet you'll keep on having acne, so, if you don't do Wai Diet, I'd recommend using a topical ONLY right on your zits, and in little amounts (it's enought). This way, the irritation will be much less. Tea tre oil, BP 2.5%, salicylic acid, etc. The most basic products a
  2. Wai Diet. Just washing your face with low mineral bottled water instead of tap water, and stop using soap and topicals, will have a tremendous effect, believe me... your skin looks quite irritated (from tap water and topicals), specially the forehead.
  3. Why is it the worst thing anyone can do for insulin? Fruit have amongst the lowest GI's of sugary/carby foods. Absolutely. It's scientifically proven that salt can cause a lot of water retention in the skin. I honestly didn't know that it might even led to more acne than "dirty" cooked protein, but that might be because the increase of water retention happens very suddently with salt. Maybe cause they never thought about this simple but very effective aproach. Just like no one ever thought bef
  4. Hi strax! Glad to see you here again. Yes, maybe it's an allergy, and the allergy screening is a very good ideia! The most likely Wai foods to give you allergy are citrus and nuts. So try to be a few weeks without eating these, and see how you acne does! And remember - always eat sugary food (fruit) with fatty foods. Cheers
  5. I'm sorry ramblinrose, i got a bit too political uncorrect here, and I shouldn't have, due to my role of explaining stuff about this diet. The reason why we think processed white sugar is good is: it's refined to the point that it's just a molecule - sucrose. Therefore, it can't be bad, because it doesn't contain harmful molecules like other processed and cooked foods have. Now, it can be bad if you consume a lot at a time, without fat, by spiking of blood glucose levels. That's why doctors advi
  6. LOL That was the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life! No comment, really... Or just one: you be careful with those drugs... Yes, vinegar wash is a great help with germs. But what concerns me the most in no-peel fruits is not the germs, but the pesticides. And I guess vinegar doesn't work that well on those... so it's just better not to have THAT much. Like cocaine... (sorry still laughing at it...) Raw food is hard to digest? Depends. For an untrained organism, raw ANIMAL food is hard t
  7. Hi! 3 days is still too early to tell anything. The results only start showing off after 2 weeks at least. No, you're not missing anything. You're doing it completely fine. In fact, you don't need to do it exactly that way. The free acne diet page is a bit outdated. You don't necessarily need to eat the avocado-tomato-cucumber-oo salad, and the brazil nuts, and etc (btw nuts are not included in the 2-week acne sample diet, as they can cause acne to some poeple, so don't eat any in the first two
  8. In the first 2 weeks acne will (probably) be noticeably worse, because the sebum of your clogged pores will be getting excreted during that period. But hey, after those 2 weeks it's zero acne, so it's definitely worth it in my opinion...! Good luck on starting the diet If that's truth, so what if not everyone wants social exposure? This is very important btw: Update: We now consider raw organic beef 100% healthy and safe (lots of people eat it - carpaccio, steak tartar, etc). But please never
  9. Yeah, that might taste good. Tastes really good added to fruit juices, also. Or with sugar. I don't like raw egg yolks alone, and few people do. Ok, thanks for the positive feedback then...!
  10. Sugar? We're to understand that you mean sugar on top of the natural sugar found in fruit, correct? So, it's perfectly healthy for me to be consuming 'sugar' from the grocery store. And honey. Just plain old refined, cooked honey. When you are advising people to consume things such as these, you might want to be more specific. Refined sugar is bad. Honey is not much better. Raw sugar still contains it's vitamins and minerals. Raw honey still contains all the healthy enzymes, vitamins, and o
  11. It's true. It's the acid of the fruit that dissolves your enamel. If you wanna prevent enamel dissolving, eat less acidic fruits: melons, pears, avocados, cucumbers, bananas, etc etc etc. Also, if you eat it with fat, less enamel is dissolved, because fat acts kinda like a barrier/film. But even so, if you only knew the benefits of this diet, I guess you wouldn't care so much about your enamel! It's purely aesthetic, and the benefits of this diet are huge and for overall health. It's like saying
  12. Hey! Always great to know of someone who's about to give it a try... Good luck
  13. Yes, sugar is needed for lots of vital functions of the body. The only way sugar can cause acne is eating a lot at a time, and without fat, by spiking blood glucose levels. I'm glad you experieced with youself. That's the best way to get things right! I see. You should try slow cooked meat then. It's almost as healthy as raw meat, since most of the damage is done at high temperatures (above 90ºC or so). Buy a tajine, it's cheap like 10 €/dolares, you'll be amazed Or you can also buy a (cheap)
  14. Anyone who has any specific doubts, or experiences to tell about the diet, can post here, or join wai talk forum!
  15. Sorry, I haven't been coming here in a while! These new pimples are normal. In the first 2 weeks you will be getting new pimples, even if you do the diet 100%, because the blockem sebum will be "pulled out" of your skin. After 2 weeks, you'll be (and always remain) clear. If you eat crap, back to day zero...! This will be the cure, believe me. In our forum, I've only read of 1 of 2 persons who didn't suceed, over dozens and dozens of testimonials. This is the real thing. You'll find out by yours
  16. I also think it's cool that you think like that, exaxcly because of what Coppedsynergy999 said - you become higher in your perspective, kinda more enlightned. But don't you say you have a peasant live, and you wouldn't mind dying, just cause you have acne. Even the worse acne. Sure, bad acne can make your life worse than 15th century slave peasants. But you gotta learn to live for the inside, and not for the outside. You already got everything you need inside yourself. You don't need aprovation
  17. I got new photos, check my gallery! Anyone would like to post some photos of their progress here?
  18. Wai Diet google acne sample diet for the instructions good luck!
  19. Someday, you will learn by your own experience, like I did, that dermatologists don't work, when it's about chronic un-harming skin diseases like acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, etc. And they make a shit load of money from the creams. The only way to resolve this issues are holistic methods. Cutting off what's causing it. Cause there's no way to remediate it. They'll keep on comming over and over. Other example: depression. Anti-depressants won't cure your depression. It will keep on coming,
  20. Yes, ofc BP and AHA can induce redness (in most people they actually do, to some extend), and might trigger rosacea in some people. Simply because they strongly irritate the skin, and anything that does this can induce redness and/or rosacea. It depends on how much irritation is caused, how good the skins reacts and heals itself, and lots of other factors like genetics.