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  1. Anyone else has more ideas? I'm also interested in this.
  2. I'm using cetaphil moisturizer, and I'm using the minimum amount of BP recommended by Dan.
  3. Hi everyone I started the regimen two days ago, and now my skin is peeling which is normal, but I'm also getting this burning sensation right after I applied BP and after I applied moisturizer, the burning sensation stays on my skin for a few hours which is really uncomfortable. Does anyone knows if this is normal, if I have to continue the regimen, and if so, how long it will take for this burning sensation to go away???? as I already said is really really uncomfortable! Thanks for your help!!
  4. My acne is mild/moderate I guess, I don't have nodules or anything that big (thank god) just white heads but they're big and they leave horrible red marks. I already had accutane and it cleared my skin but the acne returned two months after not as bad as before but still it was bad, and minocycline cleared my face. So, rightnow I don't know what antibiotic will work for me as good as the mino did, and I know that theres no way to know, but at least have a greater percent of chance for succes?
  5. I used Minocycline for almost a year and it worked wonders, but now my acne is coming back and I don't know what to do, I have an appointment with my derm in a couple of weeks, and I would like to ask you guys what other antibiotic could work as well as the minocycline did, I need some suggestions so that I can talk with my derm about them. I was thinking about Bactrim it looks like it could be a good choice, but I have red many post from people that have used Bactrim and most of them end up usi
  6. Ok, seriously I'm freaking out, im breakingout from my exoderm is just white heads but they're leaving scars . I need help, what can I apply on my skin to stop the breakouts????? Right now what I'm using are Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfection Lotion and the Soothing Night Cream, and I wash my face with Cethaphil gentle cleanser, could any of these products be making me breakout?? Before the Exoderm my acne was under control I was drinking minocycline 100mg twice a day, and at night I used r
  7. e-mail f^ck e-mailing. I'll share my experience publicly. When I was 9 years old my mother disowned me becuase I got a zit by my left temple. She made me sleep in the dog house that my father made for my dog witch now lives in my parents house. The onlytime I was aloud in the House, was when nobody was home. My Father put an electric dog collar around my neck, so if I woundered to far , I'd get electricuted. When I turned 14, I pretty much lived on my own. I became a prostituite for a living
  8. Perhaps your scars are not that bad???
  9. Hello people of Earth!!! (My Exoderm update) It's been exactly 4 weeks since I took my mask off, and I must say so far so good, my skin is still really pink, but there's definitely improvement in skin texture and of course scars. I'm not that good with percentages but I will say that I see about 50% of improvement so far, but it's really weird because some of my scars are changing like if collagen was rebuilding or something, but is nothing that you will find really easy to notice unless you
  10. So, after you did all of that Super Mario stuff, you took his lunch with your spit on it??? :eusa_sick: , even if that's your own spit, that's disgusting.