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  1. SpicyAsianSauce

    Weaning Off Regimen

    First I want to start off saying that the Regimen has worked wonders for me. It cleared up about 97% of my acne in the 1.5 years I was on it. However, I decided that I didn't want to be on it my whole life. I also started to see my face age faster than normal. Although I moisturized very well and always used jojoba oil, I could see my face changing. That is when I decided I would try stopping the regimen. This may not work for everyone, but for those who are afraid of stopping or weaning off the
  2. SpicyAsianSauce

    Scales All Over Neck

    I got the scales also when I was rubbing the extra moisturizer from my face onto my neck. The BP from my face rubbed onto my neck causing a lot of dryness. What I do is in the morning in the shower after I've washed my hair and body, my skin is more softened from the steam. So I just gently rub off the dead skin buildup on my face and neck. Not as gentle as BP but not too harsh. The the dead skin do the work as it rubs off. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks and haven't had any breakouts
  3. SpicyAsianSauce

    What Has Worked For Me

    So I just wanted to say a few things about these last 6 weeks that I've been on the regimen and what has worked for me. Starting in my 20's I was getting a few pimples here and there but they would always go away nicely and never left any PIH marks. The summer of this year I all of a sudden started to breakout A LOT. I had like 10 pimples on my face and 2-3 coming in over night and they would leave horrible red marks. I started the regimen 6 weeks ago with the Neutrogena On the Spot BP for
  4. SpicyAsianSauce

    Late Nights

    I just have a quick question. If I'm going out one night and I dont wear makeup during the day, is it better to wash my face before putting makeup on later that night and then washing my face a third time after I get home? That would mean washing my face 3x that day Or is it better to just do my makeup and do the regimen after I get home later that night? That would mean there would be about 20 hours between my a.m. Regimen and p.m. Regimen. Thanks for your help!
  5. SpicyAsianSauce

    How Does Acne Make You Feel?

    I feel so sad today. I am Asian and I have to take my grandma to this little group on Tuesday's and all the ladies are talking about how bad I broke out this summer. Yes I know! I see my face everyday. I have always had a few pimples here and there but this summer my face just turned against me. I broke out all over my face and it left horrible PIH all over my face. Some days I feel like it looks better and other days I want to cry when I wake up and look at myself. It doesn't help when othe