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  1. Cheers Chris...not yet. Just for if i put one up. None up at the moment. Might put one up though. I could always pm you to take it down for me. Nice one bro...
  2. SO HOW DO YOU TAKE THE PICS DOWN!? You cant i take it...sounds silly to me.
  3. Ireland is in no way at all affiliated with Great Britain. Ireland is Ireland. I dont hate English people. My brother is married to an English girl. There are tons of nice English people. But there are also so many English girls who are slags. FHM had a survey on who was the slutties out of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and English women were first...but i guess thats a plus point for many people...just not for me. Anyway it was only FHM so who cares? I dont like Welsh people too
  4. There is a cure...its called Accutane EDIT: Big up to the guy with the good intentions....acne is such a mean thing! Its so unfair people have to have it! When i had it when i was 16, i was so shy! Thank God i am now clear....long may it continue. Peace...
  5. I was not in Ireland then you saaaf london geeezer.
  6. crooked i it could have a bit...but not much. it was great for people like who buy dvd's on the net and games and shit. and i can go around europe with one currency. that rules.
  7. i dont say yanks...it sounds ignorant.
  8. hes defo from Ireland now...this is before i knew it.
  9. it says your from the usa?
  10. Accutane - painless and extremely effective.
  11. Nappyjim accutane will sort you out no end...