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  1. Aliah91

    My Accutane Journey

    Documenting my skin's progress on accutane. Tried every other thing before accutane to no avail. Updating progress every month! :D
  2. Hey Ange All my friends have perfect skin too and it's hard for them to relate because they've never had acne as bad as mine before. And like you, I can't leave my house without my foundation on as it's my security blanket. I long for the day to come when my face is zit free such that I can leave home feeling confident about myself without makeup. I don't think there's anything wrong about wearing makeup as long as it suits your skin type and you wash it off well. I think people with acne have
  3. I was also on doxy and after 5 months, my acne came back and it looks worse than before now!! I constantly think about my skin too, it really sucks big time! Just hope that I can get treatment for it very soon
  4. Aliah91

    My acne

    This is how my acne looks like.
  5. Aliah91

    My acne

    This is how my acne looks like.
  6. omg, its so great to know that there are other people who are obsessed about lighting! It's very hard to avoid strong lighting at some places. The only thing I can do is avoid looking into the mirror at places with such lighting so that I won't feel bad about myself!
  7. Hey nessa, I actually use a little amount of the foundation and when I blot my face that's when the foundation comes off. I don't know how to make it stay on longer. Maybe it's because I use a primer?? Do you recommend that I stop using a primer??
  8. I agree with melodes. Revlon colorstay doesn't break me out too and the skin feels really soft after application. But yeah, it doesn't stay on long for me either. My skin is really oily, like I gotta use a blotter every hour. So yea, I'd have to reapply the foundation. So I guess it depends on your skin type as well. If you want something long lasting and you have oily skin, Revlon colorstay might not be a good option unless you don't mind reapplying makeup along the way.
  9. well, I dunno if this helps, when my derm put me on doxycycline and epiduo I was breakin out like crazy too and had awful scarring. I go for a hydrating facial once a month and two of the ingredients used were hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid) and fish collagen. I won't say that my scarring is gone, but it's much lighter. Ever since, I try to include natural sources of hyaluronan, fish collagen and Vitamin C into my diet. I think that helped too. So you can try to add these ingredients into your d
  10. Hey, I bought some mask from Daiso before cos everythin's $2 from that place! so it's really cheap. But it didn't work for me because it somehow irritated my skin. I'm not too sure abt Sasa's BB creams though cause I'm quite afraid that they would cause breakouts.
  11. Well, I shower thrice a day some days when I have to go to the gym but always wash my face only twice a day. If during midday it gets oily and sweaty, I'll use a facial cleansing wipe (usually I get the hydrating ones so I won't dry out my skin) followed by a facial mist spray and then I hydrate it with my own hydrating moisturizer. So far I haven't seen any bad side effects with this method that I'm using. Maybe you can try this out?
  12. I've had acne for about 4 years, and finally this year it's stopping. But what's so sucky is that the acne scars are just there, like permanent pigmentation. it just looks so gross. I get all upset every morning because I have to wake up earlier than ppl who have perfect skin just so I can do my daily facial routine and put on my makeup to hide the scarring. And then by midday, the makeup goes off cause my face is just oily like that. If I had somewhere to go, I'd put on another round of make