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  1. okay, so i have tried antibiotics (tetra, erythromycin, doxy) and it didnt help with my acne (it did help with my acne on my back tho, but nothing for the face. I went to my derm and asked for accutane. started on October 2011. As soon as the oil went away (around the 2nd week) i was clear. BEST FEELING EVER!!! Went to take my blood test to start my 2nd month but had high cholesterol and my kidneys were acting up. So i had to stop. Keep in mind i was breaking out badly at the time, so wasnt goi
  2. okay, so its been 2 months since i stopped accutane. Oily skin is back and acne is coming back. Im getting a new pimple everyday. Went to my appointment today to ask my derm if i can start another course. He said its still to early to start another course etc, I get it, he just worried about my health. He prescribed me Retin-A but i dont have insuracne to buy a $$$ cream. My plan is to call him tomorrow and tell him i cant afford Retin-A and the acne/oli is starting to affect my social life agia
  3. antibiotics works great for body acne. go to a dermatologist. and were u naked when u took those pics?
  4. yeah i have alot , i never really listen to my mom. and thank you for the rate! i just do the 3 step proactive & i took the picture after using the 3step & adding acne spot eraser from a whole different brand lol from what i hear, pro activ is okay. and get off the acne spot eraser, whats the main ingredient on that thing? i have a feeling thats breaking u out. read this. helped me out alot, just educate ur self. http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn-skin-care-facts.aspx
  5. dam bro, 16 and already tatted up, with gauges. My mom wouldve killed me at that age, lol but ur acne is not that bad, its mainly ur cheeks. u have no scarring which is good. ill give u a 4/10. ur acne looks like irritation, what r u using/regimen?
  6. try a higher percentage, like 4% hydroquinone. but u have to get a prescriptrion...or u can find at amazon, but its like 40 bucks.
  7. are u still using black and white bleaching cream? i feel like its breaking me out. are u having any problems with it?
  8. i think the "honey shine" is making it look worse in the pics. but i dont think its all that bad, but derms are saying yes to anyone who wants accutane these days i hear. but if u tried everything like antibiotics and are using great products and still no imrovement then ask ur derm.
  9. wtf. ur acne is not bad at all. baby acne. hahah. did u try antibiotics? BP? b4 accutane
  10. Interesting that your still using the clindamycin and exfoliating. My doctor told me I cannot use clindamycin and to just let the accutane do it's job. It's strong enough on its own. Also exfoliating I have seen is a big no no. I assume as my skin starts to flake off I will exfoliated in some shape or form. I'm not one to walk around town with dead skin hanging in my face I was told the same, to just wash my face with a wet wash cloth and stop using ointments and face washes. Just water and lo
  11. here's the evidence. "There is no real evidence that aloe vera (Aloe barbadenis) helps the skin in any significant way. An article in the British Journal of General Practice (October 1999, pages 823–828) stated that “Topical application of aloe vera is not an effective preventative for radiation-induced injuries…. Whether it promotes wound healing is unclear…. Even though there are some promising results, clinical effectiveness of oral or topical aloe vera is not sufficiently defined at present.
  12. non ablative lasers dont do anything for pitted scars. look in to ematrix, i hear thats good for dark skin. Im for sure giving that a try when im done with tane and dont listen to this guy. aloe vera doesnt do shit for pitted scars. or mederma. save ur money
  13. just re-continued accutane on friday, 40mg Claravis. I guess im one of the lucky ones because i didnt experience an IB. I think because my acne is caused by my super oily skin. But chill out. 5 cysts is not bad, it'll get better.
  14. from what i read 0.5 wont do anything for scars since it wont reach. consider 1.0 or 1.5