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  1. thank you tregga and yosup for your responses! (and yosup, i know that beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin a, but i don't know how it is converted to vitamin a, so i wasn't sure if it would add stress to my liver.)
  2. Hello Acne.Org, Hope everyone has been doing well. I myself am very happy and content right now. I was wanting to know how long do I need to wait after I'm done with my Accutane treatment before I can start taking a supplement with vitamin A (1000 IU beta-carotene) in it? 1 full month? 6 months? I'm not sure, and would appreciate any input. Thanks! igmp
  3. thank you both for your replies. i'm thinking of washing at night, putting on the sweet sweet jojo, sleeping, and then in the morning not washing my face and putting on the sunscreen b/c daaaamn, that DHC is drying. how does that sound? i think it sounds fabulous. thanks again!
  4. you are a gorgeous human being. i am so impressed with your perseverence.
  5. oh, c'mon guys. this is an interesting question! and dolcedolce, thank you for your response. yes, i meant afternoon, not evening. i get those mixed up all the time.
  6. Hello Everyone (and hopefully particularly Lab Girl), I am using DHC White Sunscreen SPF25. However it is impossible to spread on dry, flaky skin and it goes on a little pasty. So, I've been putting on 3 drops of jojoba oil, waiting 10 minutes and then applying the sunscreen. My question is does this reduce the efficiency of the sunscreen? Can I possibly mix the jojoba oil with the sunscreen and apply it together in one go? The DHC already has olive oil in it, which does nothing but make the st
  7. dudes et dudettes, so everything here is going well. just have a quick (and gross) accutane story to share with you: i went to get my blood drawn and the lady said to take the band-aid off after 1/2 an hour, but i forgot and 5 hours later i took it off aaaaaaaaannnnddddd it ripped skin off! i know you all can relate; can i get an amen? [amen!] ok, later! igmp
  8. what? their weight is a result of their lifestyle and their emotional/mental state. it doesn't change the validity of their knowledge. teplo: that sucks about you being tired all the time. maybe after a longer period on this diet, you'll feel better. this could just be an adjustment period.
  9. hey lionqueen, thanks for your response about the emu oil; i'll let you know how it goes. for now i'm returning to my dear sweet jojoba oil... have fun in vegas! air
  10. this is *before* accutane...?
  11. hey lionqueen, i've just started using the clear emu oil from DY. did you notice any clogged pores or bumpiness with this stuff? i'm applying a blob of HA with 2-3 drops of emu oil, but it seems after every night of wearing it, i wake up to new bumps... and i'm on accutane, so otherwise i'm completely smooth skinned (but still with crappy texture and coloring). any advice would be most appreciated. thanks! air
  12. that's hilarious doesn't it freak you out to have some lady tell you that you're going to get very sick in 20 years?
  13. how much MSM do you take? i've read people taking doses from 1 - 10 grams of it a day...
  14. thank you hunnybee and labgirl! excellent information!
  15. hunnybee, thanks for your response! so do you know what your body is turning out to look like? not bulky... but streamlined? and labgirl, you said that lifting heavy weights gives you shorter, rounder looking muscles... is there picture on the internet that you can compare this to? do you know what would give you leaner muscles? what amount of weights would you two recommend to start with? i also remember reading on these boards that weight lifting increases androgens in the body. is this tru
  16. that sucks, labgirl. i hope it eases up for the wedding. maybe have a little sit down chat with the little fuckers and ask them to retreat, if only temporarily? i think it's as good an idea as the ivory soap....
  17. anyone have a response to my very lame question of "i want muscle... but not that much muscle"? anyone?
  18. thank you all for your replies. in regards to the weight lifting, on all these bodybuilding sites the look is a very chiseled and muscular one and i don't want that for myself. how should i weight lift so that i build muscle but... not that much muscle, i guess?
  19. Hello Bryan, Thank you for your explanation, but I still don't understand how that's sound justification for taking a large amount of a preservative. Just because an unknown amount of people take an unknown-but-presumably-large amount of supplements doesn't mean it is safe, does it? I don't know anything about the health of these life-extenders; has it been documented anywhere? They might have dropped dead, for all I know. In regards to BHT specifically, I doubt that a few mgs will elicit an a
  20. why is this a crock? it makes intuitive sense to me... the last thing i want is bulging muscles, just smooth, lean ones (although i know that you can't really control your body type or inherent muscular build). is lifting low weights at a high rep useless? or does it just get you to your goal at a slower pace? are lunges/pushups/pullups considered weight lifting (because you are using your own body weight)? and are you dead sure that larger weights REALLY won't beef up a woman?
  21. Hello Bryan, Yes, I've read that life-extenders take BHT as a supplement, but I don't find that fully convincing because alot of people take alot of supplements and that doesn't necessarily mean that it is safe or healthy.... But thank you and Leah for filling me in on the purpose of nitrogen flushing. Appreciate the info. igmp