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  1. OK. So everyone says, " NEVER EVER PICK YOUR PIMPLE" but how the heck you get rid of one if you don't push it?? I always wonder. I tried not touching it and leaving it alone for weeks. It just sits there and gets more swollen. I tried putting on BP which makes it worse. I gets bigger with huge whitehead and gets popped accidently while washing my face or just randomly. I heard BP dries out pimple but how?! It just seems to make it burst which leaves an ugly mark behind. So how do you guys dry ou
  2. Thanks a lot for your kind replies. You people are really amazing and sweet. I think I should stick to some medication and then I might see some improvement. I just get too frustrated and keep changing. Two days ago I went to my family doctor and she was so concerned about my acne. I told her I'm not on insurance. So she just gave me two small samples of Clindoxyl gel and asked me to use it every night. I'll try it for some weeks and see if there's any improvement. Hopefully there will be but it
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  4. It's not even a year ago when I had perfect clear skin.sometimes I got one or two zits but they would disappear on their own.then slowly I started getting three to four & then one morning I woke up my cheeks were soo red & soo many small acnes were there.that was the end of my beauty....forever...day by day it just got worse.I tried using neutrogena foaming facial cleanser and betnovate cream but my skin dried up.so I stopped & then after some months tried neutrogena 3in 1 gel with n