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    i have found unfortunately scars stay around for a long time, and for them to disappear is a miracle. Try face yoga may help and also get some argan oil or natural bio-oils. Massage your scars and be patient over time they will become better. Also please stop to find your inner beauty, every has it. And it shows in a sincere smile. I for yours loathed my scars which caused scars on the inside, also a clean diet does wonders
  2. AQT429

    DSC 0284

    I had very bad cystic acne about 5years ago or so, before then barely had any acne. Yea lighting does get me at times which hasn't in the past been much of a confidence booster. Life lessons i guess
  3. AQT429

    Acne Scars- about 5years after acne

    these are my scars, these are actually the first selfies i have ever really taken ever. it has really taken alot of time for me to come to terms with them there are some scars worse than other and a scar from a massive cyst on the right of my cheek that no longer has a fat layer underneath the skin. makes my cheek look off balance.