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  1. Sooooo....... day 37 huh .... well its now after that time of month and not to mention a very stressful past couple of weeks. So my emotions were everywhere and you could tell it on my face today ! Through the course i fell of the rocker of using the reg everyday both morning and night. So ive got 4 pretty bad pimples. The reg still works just wish i would have stayed on it like normal. Not to mention i had choc. which my face goes nuts over..... so a whole bunch of reasons on why i broke out ba
  2. ShyPie

    Day 26 On The Reg

    LOL ! Oh how its been super hard !! But i know how horrible they are, plus everytime i drink cokes it comes out in my face ! So i have to figure energy drinks probably have the same effect !!! Thanks for your support Resery !!! Always make me smile
  3. ShyPie

    Day 14 ...ow La La

    Lmao !!!!!!!!!! yea i guess its a good back up, i just didnt want to hear that at that very moment
  4. So i decided to try to do updates on a weekly basis now. Just hit day 26 , good number for me I got a couple pretty nasty breakouts around the jawline close to my chin a couple days back and one on my cheek that wasnt bad at all. Its that time of the month where i normally breakout like crazy so im curious to see how the reg works against the hormonal part of it. The brake outs werent horrible, i didnt pop them just let the bp take care of them and their practically gone. Yea i still ca
  5. Thanks yea i started to do the logs, but ive got a blog going so i figure nvm.... but i cant figure out how to delete this post lol ..... so if you guys are interested in how the reg is going for me check out my blog
  6. ShyPie

    Mmhmm....day 16

    ah !!! Okay so thats good to know .... i just grabbed some at the drug store , so ill order his ... i thought it was just me or something. THANKS A BUNCH !!
  7. ShyPie

    Mmhmm....day 16

    Thanks Resery !!!! Yea the only think weird about the 2.5 is that my face felt gunky .... literally to the touch when i put a good amount on, so im a little confused about that. And yes you are right Thanks for the support !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ShyPie

    Mmhmm....day 16

    So i got a couple new brake outs yesterday .... one right by my temple (which looks bad) but it dried up and didnt turn into the infected looking kind lol. And the other on my lower lip and its almost gone. Now im noticing a few black heads on my cheeks .... which they might have always been there , but black heads never really worried me so much as the gigantic white heads that were ever present. Now im wondering if the reg gets rid of those too or just the other ones. It seems like my scaring
  9. Alright so i decided to start a log ..... Ive read several on here that has given me a lot of hope , so im hoping if this works for me it ll do the same for others .... Ive got a blog going on but for some reason a log makes more since Im currently on day 15 Well i guess ill start off with my prier two weeks to give an update on my journey with this reg Now after finding this site i quickly ran to the nearest drug store and found some bp .... yea realized i got 10% which dan says try
  10. Sooooooo end of day 14 - yea this blog is going to be boring but meh. Keeping track .....OOOO just realized i hit my 2 week mark woot woot .... ive stayed on track with the reg, which is pretty impressive for me, not getting lazy .NO new brake outs , what ..... ? 2 days in a row ??? Sure this isnt a dream Cant say i even remember the last time i didnt wake up to a new brake out every morning, but 2 days ? Wow :banana:Normally on days like this where im running around like crazy at work inside
  11. ShyPie

    Day 13

    Yea i guess your right Im excited for that day !
  12. ooo you are a brave soul i really want to do the same , im only on my second week of the reg. but hoping that it clears up enough for me to be confident enough to do the same . But im like you i really think my makeup or any makeup has ALOT to do with it. So maybe i need to take the dive and see what happens. Pls keep updating so that way i know if it made a huge diff for you
  13. ShyPie

    Day 13

    Well no new brake outs Old ones are healing really fast. But for some reason it seems like my red scaring is more predominant. I dont recall this much on my cheeks ... so hmmm.... and my skin looks really dull. Maybe i need to put on more moist. I dont know .... Im really interested in AHA im still not sure what its for or if i even need to add it in my routine. Well here is a couple of pics.... my cheeks are the worst places i get acne , i dont really get any on the forehead. Hate
  14. ShyPie

    Day 12

    LOL yea it was a way to fluff it off. Well to be honest im using %10 bp ( I know it says to avoid it) But i couldnt find any 2.5% so i figured i start off with that and switch to the 2% soon, i was just so excited finding the reg. i couldnt wait to try it. So im actually ordering some from here. But to answer your question im only using a finger tip ( beginning amont) i wanted to wait til i got the right percentage before i ramped up. The only thing im not liking is how dull my skin is
  15. ShyPie

    Day 12

    Alrighty so the end of day 12 Well my skin is feeling leathery .... not really flaking or peeling... which is good cause i put make up on during the day and at the beginning of the reg. it was flaking off, i just told people it was part of my Halloween look i was going for lol . I had a new brake out today on my lower lip, which is kinda shocking cause i never get any there :/ . It hurt to the point to where i popped it right bf i got in the shower so i could cleanse it. I still have a f