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  1. Still after 1.5 years and almost all of my large boxcar scars are gone Puhaha. I’ll update in maybe two years again. But I have small ice picks and bad texture that’s bothering me now .. hmmmm still deciding what to do with those issues that
  2. Hey just an update, after more than 6 months my acne scars on my cheeks have SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. I don't even care about my scarring anymore as I'm more concerned about texture issues and hyper pigmentation. So now I'm going for IPL . That is all.
  3. Okay first off, thank you for your concern and it's always good to hear the possible side effects of any scar success story. I am aware of these affects and so should anybody else doing this treatment. But that's not going to stop me from giving this treatment a chance. I'm more scared of laser side effects than silicone tbh because it's actually much more common when treating acne scarring. Silicone injected in large amounts would be very risky, so risky I would never think about doing it. But
  4. Thanks for ur kind words. The doc skipped one scar tht bothers me so much but I swear I felt 1000 injections around tht area so I was too shy to say anything LOL K I swear we have the same life story with acne scarring. Nobody even knows how much I obsess over my scars except my family. And yeah I tried everything and in the end I just said fuck it and went for silicone. How much treatments have you done ? Where do u get them done ? I'm happy for you with your results it's always nice to sh
  5. Hi, I have been suffering from acne scarring since I was 13. I'm almost 22 now so it's almost been a decade with these little bastards. My acne scarring is pretty moderate maybe even severe and I have skin texture problems. yes it probably looks as bad it sounds lol. Anywho I tried TCA cross around 7-8 rounds but my last round of TCA cross with Howard Bargman in Toronto left me with 4 hummmmoooungousss craters .. You know ones that acne scars can't cause. They were HUGE right on my forehead
  6. Hello, Just an update as well on airgent. I also had a second session with dr. matta 5 weeks ago, this time with PRP injections(vampire facelift) at the same time to boost results. I must say that the results are mediocre but there are still results, nonetheless. I don't think PRP injections actually made a difference though because this session's results are almost the same as the first one. I remember after the 1st treatment, during the 2nd-3rd month I started seeing the most improve
  7. Hopefully somebody answers KB2000'S question cos I'm really curious about that now too after it was brought up. I just wanted to come back and update, 16 days after the enerjet treatment, my boxcar scars on the side of my face have improved SOO much and sometimes its almost invisible and these were bigbig boxcars that bothered me the most. Another thing is that I've been using the age and blemish serum by Skinceuticals and after using that serum I saw my scars REALLLLY flatten out. I mean be
  8. I'm on day four and the injection sites look a bit raised, like I had a breakout, but I'm pretty sure itll go away, The icepick scars the doc missed a lot of them (he injected the side instead of the center because I'm guessing aiming was hard) I'm not sure if this is the right tecnique or not, but the places he injected in the centre looks a LOT more filled. I think this might be swelling, but my boxcar scars have almost completely dissapeared, except my deepest ones, they have some depth to it
  9. I looked at your posts and pictures and I have to say, from the pictures your scars don't look bad at all. If i was a man and had your scars, I wouldn't care because most of it is kind of hidden with facial hair (your scars are very close to them). Also, MANY people have scars on the temple, even my model/make up artist friend has them and they look as shallow as yours too. So yeah, don't stress about it too much! I think enerjet would do great for you. Dermastamp is quite painful after a wh
  10. Thank you so much for your well detailed response, I really appreciate it. I too have done, profractional laser, once on the forhead and left cheek, twice on the right cheek. This was a few months after my TCA cross treatments (I had 6-8 ish?). I believe TCA cross gave me a 30-50 % improvement, HOWEVER, stupid dr.bargman from toronto created LARGEEE and noticable boxcar scars right in the middle of my forhead and right cheek. I only had two sessions with him, and both times he gave me new scars
  11. It should probably be fine for ice picks too, if the pressure is attempting to disrupt the scar tissue, it should have a positive impact on all of the indentations that we have. I will be getting it in the next two weeks most likely. Goodluck! the swelling I have right now really makes my skin look so plump, I can't see my scars. Where are you having the treatment? So I had my treatment yesterday and the day after, it looks like I just had a bad break out.. not bad at all. For those who ar
  12. Hello, I barely ever post, but I just thought that I should add my two cents into this thread because tmrw, I am also seeing Dr. Matta in the same brampton clinic as no_hope and alexx. Hopefully I get treated with enerjet the same day tmrw, and I'll be sure to pose my results on this thread too (: Also, for those who have done the treatment, I was just wondering if enerjet is effective for icepick scars, because I have quite a few of those on my right cheek as well as boxcar scars. However, t
  13. Hello, this is my first forum and I usually never blog online or even review any products. However, I feel like I should really talk about my experience with Dr. Howard Bargman around the GTA/richmond hill area. I have a couple boxcar and icepick scars from acne in the beginning. They were mainly icepick scars with a few large baxcars. So far I had 5 cross treatments and a TCA peel. I started my cross treatments in montreal with Dr. Billick's technician in march of 2012. The cross sessions
  14. Thank you for your reply! =) BUt how do you know that it won't work on boxcar scars? Have you had the method done on your own boxcar scars? Mine are very small good luck to you cyrano de beakiswack, keep updating! ;P
  15. Hi Samwhitwicky, I am thrilled that you are getting positive results from the TCA Cross method, I'm from toronto and I'm planning to get the TCA Cross method done by Dr.Bargman. I wanted to know if there was anything I should be aware of when going to him. Do you know if his patients were satisfied with the TCA cross? I can probably stand any type of rudeness, as long as my scars improve ;P I'm preeeeeeeetty sure my scars are boxcars and rolliNg scars, maybe icepicks?. I heard that you can impro