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  1. Seven or eight months of Accutane basically cleared me. I'm 17, 160 lbs and was on a regimen of 40 mg/day which I was told is relatively little for my body size. I have been off Accutane for about two weeks and I'm getting breakouts already. My back, forehead, cheeks, arms, chest and neck. Nothing severe, they're little and few and far between, but it's discomforting nonetheless. I don't want to wait until it's as bad as it was before treatment to start a second course. That being said, wo
  2. Don't let people bother you about your dosage; it seems that everyone has a different idea about the "magic number". What may work for one person isn't going to work for everyone. That being said, I definitely agree with the others that you should moisturizer as you see fit. There'll be a trial and error period in the beginning where hopefully you'll find the right combination. Just make sure that you take note during the day your skins relative dryness. I'm on 40 mg/ day and I spread a lay
  3. I'm currently nearly on my second month of Accutane. These two weeks have been the first two weeks where I've started to see major improvement; however, I'm starting to look to the future - this Summer. I'll still be on the medication, 40mg/day at the least, when I go to the Caribbean in June, Soccer tournaments in June, soccer practices 1-2 times per day the months of July and August, and the beach on the weekends. I realize that it would be best for me to stay out if the sun completely all
  4. I tried it a few months back. Got a sample from my aunt, the derm. I was so happy to see that something finally stopped my flushing. A few days later, I was walking in the mall and I looked in a mirror only to discover that my face was extremely red and blotchy! I waited the worst of it out in a changing room. It was a horrible day. I wish it had worked, I would have liked not to talk with someone and feel my face beating with increasing redness, but such is life, I suppose. But yes, rebound red
  5. Oh, wow I feel dumb. Just now I realize that Can't Say No is the song title and imagine you can see why I thought I couldn't say you were wrong. But In that case, no, you're wrong.
  6. You're right! (But only because I can't say you're wrong.)
  7. The problem being, of course, acne. Everyone on this site, whether daily contributor or lurker (I fall into the latter category) is all too familiar with this problem. We've been scarred, if not physically, then certainly emotionally. And at times, it can feel like we are alone in the problem, out in space, with no one around to sympathize with - especially when we look around and there seems to be perfect skin everywhere we look! I promise you, you are not alone. A few days ago, I blasted off i
  8. I've always used a 20% salicylic acid gel peel from Skin Laboratory. Its a little bottle and you put a qtip in and get the qtip wet, then you go around and put it on your red marks, wait a certain amount of time (depending on how many times you've done it before) and then rinse it off. It's cheap (less than 20 dollars) and effective. It should work with what you have, considering, as the previous poster said, it seems to be mostly superficial.
  9. Moderate. However, I've also been on retin-a and doxycycline in the past which didn't help too much and the acne on my chest and shoulders/shoulder blades is getting pretty bad - which just really makes me miserable being that every weekend when we go to the beach, I keep a shirt on all weekend and don't go in the water, I can't go to pools at friends houses, and soccer is really starting to pick up, right now I'm only at four nights a week, but in a couple of weeks it will be twice a day, six d
  10. No, I don't believe it does. Are you ordering the regimen specifically to treat scars? If so, im not sure it will do much good, despite it being good for getting rid of zits. I can't really suggest what may get rid of them as I've been fortunate to not scar. Although, I've heard professional peels can help.
  11. +100000000 to Skin Laboratory. I can't speak to the lactic acid, but I've been using their salicylic acid gel peel (20%) and its seriously great. It's also pretty cheap. I think less than 20 bucks. But you have to follow instructions pretty strictly, I got some pretty nasty chemical burns from it - not to scare you away. If you use it correctly, it's a great tool in getting rid of red marks. I beg you to try it, or at least give it some research. And AHA is alpha hydroxy acid. It exfoliates
  12. Yea, no doubt the crazy side effects I had the first time on epiduo were because I was using way too much. Stupid me didn't realize that just because I put more on, didn't mean I would clear up faster. And the breakout that I had after stopping the regimen was obviously caused by stopping it, it just sucks that it happened - especially when I thought I was in the home stretch. So I'm still not sure... Maybe when my skin is looking really good I'll work up the courage to try the epiduo once
  13. After typing all of this, I realize it's a lot more information than anyone needs - just skip to last paragraph for the basic question, sorry. A couple of years back, I tried Epiduo and I was completely miserable due to the redness and deep peeling that it caused. I got the hell off of it after I couldn't take it anymore. For the last couple of years, Ive been following the regimen religiously. Around January/February, there was a school dance and I decided to stop the regimen for a few days
  14. I've been on the Regemin for about eight months now, but it took longer than I would have liked to see results. The biggest hinderance for getting clear was skipping the third step in the Regemin: moisturizing. I kept thinking, "if BP is drying out my skin to get rid of zits, then why would I use moisturizer afterwards?" It seemed paradoxical to me, to say the least. And so my bottle of moisturizer sat in the back of my cabinet for months. Then finally, after months, I gave in. It was probably t
  15. Please help me. I asked my dad to reorder some products from acne.org on Friday. Of course, he didn't, so he is going to order tomorrow. The BP is the only thing I am extremely low on. And in case IRun out before it gets here, what should I use instead? I am just so frustrated because Dan's products are the only things that are keeping me clear, and what makes it worse is that Thanksgiving is coming. I feel like he doesn't understand the importance. When will the acne.org products come t