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  1. 30mg pill.....twice a day....and I missed two doses (last night and this morning) I was wondering if 5 hours is enough time to safely take another pill.
  2. I am on 30mg of accutane. I take it twice daily, and I have done that for the past 5 days. I missed last nights dose, and this mornings dose, so I took the next dose at 5pm today when I got back home. If I take my next dose at 10pm (5 hours between) would that be considered overdosing (doubling up) or would I be ok because of the lower strength?
  3. Taking my first Accutane pill tomorrow night and had some questions before I start: The following supplements I have in my possession. Links below are to their labels. Looking at the labels, the two supplements do not overlap any vitamins besides biotin, which totals out to 325mcg. They also do not contain vitamin A. So do you think I should continue taking them or quit taking them while on accutane? I also purchased a fairly expensive probiotic (jarro-dophilus + FOS), a couple of wee