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  1. Due to Dan's regimen taking 1-3 weeks to get here i need alternatives. My Shipment will be here on the 9th of March, and i need to get by until then. For the past week ive been using whats left of Dan's BP in the morning and Using Neurtrogena on the spot at night. However, Shortly Dan's Bp will be gone and i will not use the On the spot in the mornings (i have to go out of the house in the day time and my face turning white is not an option). i would love reccomendations of products i can use in
  2. Hello, I'm on Dan's regimen, but however due to the shipping i am now out of dans bp untill march 9th. I need an alternative BP that i can buy in the store (or online if i absolutely must) that is as close to dans bp as possible. I tried On-The Spot (neutrogena) but it leaves your skin white. and i can have that as i have a life and i have to go to school. What alternatives are there that are as close to dans BP as possible, and goes on clear the will get me by until my order arrives? HELP!
  3. will the equate brand make your face white like the On the spot will? i'm also waiting for my recent order of Dans regimen and it wont be here till march 9th. so i need something that i can use in the morning before school that wont turn white if i prespire or at all. Something as similar to dans bp as you can get off the shelf.? Thanks
  4. Thank you so much Any other sotries or advice? Stories*
  5. I'm about done with my first week of Doxycycline. and im also using Dan's regimen (the benzol peroxide) which ive been using for over a year but it worked but not all the way so i added Doxy in with it. I have a six months supply of it. how effective do you think this will be? and ive also read the antibotics combined with benzol kill 99% of the bacteria. what are the chances of acne coming back after i complete the course and if it does whats the severity? Thanks
  6. i prefer to shave in the shower. is there any way to raise your hair more in the shower? i haven't been getting a close enough shave. also what would i use to lather the soap with? thank you
  7. Holidayjones

    Wet Shaving

    i've decided to start wetshaving to reduce irritation. i'm going to use a cup and put some shaving cream from a tube in it and lather it up with a shaving brush. the shaving cream im going to use is called: Taylor of Old Bond Street's Jermyn St. Collection shaving cream for sensitive skin Here is the ingredients: Aqua, stearic acid, aloe barbadensis (leaf) juice, myristic acid, potassium hydroxide, glycerin, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, allantoin, parfum, sodium hydroxide, phenox
  8. what should i use to wash on the day i dont use the HS? I use HS in the morning and and night. Should i change to in the evening every other day? or is morning and night every other day fine?
  9. Well ive been doing this for a almost to months and its about the same as it used to be 9my thighs are also red, from the drying. Does anybody know of any other treatments for down there?
  10. Well I got the Neutrogena oil free. and if found oout it still kinda makes my skin shiny. So i decided im going to put a little bit of the Neutrogena on my hand and then put the Cetaphil on top so it will spread better. Any other suggestions? and thanks for you time those who have replied.
  11. Thank you very much,. there hasint been any side effects and its help so we are good. Thanks for your time.
  12. Thank you very much. ive been reading that when benzol peroxide is combined with antibotics the effectivness is like 99 percent. Is something like this true?