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  1. I have this problem also! Though I have only had them appear about 3 or 4 times in the last few years, I still can relate. I just had one about a week and a half ago. I get them in the same spot under both my eyes. It looks like I got punched! Anyhow, what I did last time was as SOON as I felt it forming, I started drinking a crap load of water, iced it on and off (in a plastic baggy with paper towel over it) for a good hour (about 5-10 minutes at a time), and took 2 ibuprofen. I know sometimes
  2. Hey guys! I just recently developed a lovely cystic pimple under my eye a few days ago. Well, since I didn't want to look like I just got socked smack in the eyeball, I applied raw honey over the cyst (as well as the surrounding redness), put a piece of tissue over it (I'm afraid of bandaid adhesion irritating my face), and slept with it on overnight. I woke up and the redness was significantly reduced! It was a lot less swollen and it even hurt quite a bit less. I did it again last night and i
  3. Shucks, I think it is turning into a cystic pimple. I'm hoping it doesn't get so bad where it looks like I got socked in the eye though
  4. Hey guys, I've had this little blackhead under my eye for probably a good month now. I tried gently squeezing it when it first appeared but nothing happened. I ignored it figuring it would go away eventually. Now it feels like there's a small bump around it, and there's redness around it. I'm afraid of getting a cystic pimple, last time I had was was over 2 years ago and in about the same spot (I've gotten them twice under the same eye, one under the other). Today I gave it a good squeeze
  5. Heya guys, I've just joined the site though I've visited for a long time. So, hello! I'm having a problem with suddenly breaking out more than I have the past couples years. I used to be on medicine for mild acne a few years ago, but haven't really had to be on it since. Now I'm getting a couple new breakouts a day (today I had 3 small whiteheads form) and I'm fed up. I'd consider if mild still, but the clusters just look so bad. It's making me feel extremely self-conscious, and it's typical