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  1. If you feel that your acne is caused by stress mabey some counselling/mind exercises could help? I tried a stress/anixety course a few years ago, I found it quite useful as it taught me breathing exercises and re-trained my brain to think more positive without me realizing it! Not sure if this is something that would work for you? Mabey go see your GP first, unless you have already? x
  2. Thanks guys, I think i am going to change to Cetaphil and see what happens, went back to the doctors yesterday and hes changed my antibiotics back to oxytet and adv that i stop the BP cream as he reckons that it makes inflammatory acne worse! (not sure what to think of that!) So i am back an adapalene gel applying it at night. The BP cream just used to dry me out, dont really think it had an effect on my cysts. I am also in the process of changing my diet and introducing supplements to try and h
  3. Hi everyone, just wanted your thoughts on products to use for cytic acne. I have suffered with cystic acne on my chin since i was 12 years old, i am now 22, getting around 2-3 cysts every couple of weeks normally. ive tried all the over counter washes and lotions, had combined pill (which worked but i cant have it any more due to migraines)had oxytet ab's, tried BP with ab's cream (doc took me off it cause was worried about resistance). I then just stopped using anything cause nothing seemed to