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  1. Hehe!! She looks jolly
  2. Idk about that even tho i'm about to turn 20 in april, but all i can say was that the first couple of days that i just started Accutane, i got the worst migraines from hell, i felt extremely nauseous, had a fever & chills and i was very sensitive to any light.. Yesterday & Today my 4th & 5th day on the treatment i feel perfectly fine, completely normal like nothing is wrong... . Idk what came over me ? Maybe it was the fact that i was outside in the sun?? cuz i was at sea world!! &am
  3. Let the end of acne begin!!!

  4. Well... What do you think about subway? Is supposedly "healthy" sandwiches considered fast food?? Eh... Now that i think about it, i don't think they are that fast... Unless you order an exceptional salad anywhere you go?... But i don't know if it makes a difference because what it all comes down to is that food is just food...
  5. yea i'd like to know too lol.. Sometimes my schedule gets so busy, i don't even have enough time to cook for myself, so my issue has always been a right-a-way thing...
  6. My purpose. My life. Is not controlled by my face issues or my weight issues. But I control it.

  7. Yea i know what you mean about them meddeling kids... I work at a cafeteria & if i ever go a day without wearing make up i am sure to get a good question.. like, "What happen to your face??" It makes me sad & mad because people just don't know what we've been through & i think the most help we can get from someone is if they don't ask us anything about our face,.. & just look at us normally.. But that's just me i am a sensitive person... Funny, i never use to be a sensitive pers
  8. You gotta understand, that even mild acne affects on the person's self-steem and comfortability. try Dan's regimen, It should stop any break out in the future Yea... trust me man, i understand.. Having severe acne like myself would only dream of having that one "bump" on my face again.. That's how severe acne starts, well that's how myne started atleast. It started with one bump on my face like this guy in the pic, i freaked over it, started using "panic remedies" and before you kno
  9. your face does not look bad at all.. looks like one little bump you can barely notice... If i was you, i wouldn't use a thing & just let it go away on it's own.. That vinegar is gonna screw it up all the more. Trust me i've tried.. If you have to use anything just use a mild FACE soap to cleanse away everyday grime.. But i would run the other way from the vinegar.. Just sayin.. Everyones different, your a guy so it might work differently because you produce more hormones & oil and stuff
  10. Can't go to SLEEP!!!!

    Cleared my acne but not all the way for like a month or 2. If this is the one i took.. It was like sorta big white and powdert chalky pill.. None that i remember except for the fact that it stopped working after my acne became resistant to it... By the grace of God i have not had to pay for these prescriptions because they were covered by insurance..