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  1. Redness after sunburn is not a big deal..It's quiet normal...There are some parts on the face which are oily like forehead and nose and lower part of chin..The oil are extract from this parts..There are creme available in market known as after sunburn cream..
  2. The procedure is so simple..All you have to do is just wet your face and than take a little amount of face wash in your palm and rub it and than apply it on face and then put it on then wash it off ...
  3. Well Aha and dan's moisturizer in day..But you are saying that you use it in night than may be you are talking about some other Dan's moisturizer ir may be I was wrong in thinking..
  4. Well I don't have any idea about this that what exactly are this..But as you saying that it is irritating than you can try some creams or remedies for this.Try at once and see whether it is working or not..
  5. Why you haven't showered in 6 days..This is not the solution of anything...One day you will or you have to shower so why you opt this thing of not to shower...If you want to get rid of dry skin than you should use creme soap for bath and aloe Vera creme on face..
  6. I had click on the link given in your post in which your photo is there...I have seen the bad patch of acne on your face near jaws...They are clearly visible and are red in color means they can leave their marks on your face...
  7. The breakouts are easily visible in the picture given by you in this post..It's good that you stop using your soap,Soap is harsh to skin and it contain chemicals although exceptions are always there..But face-wash is a good option for face..
  8. Can milk has its own advantage and disadvantage...Milk contain calcium and is good for health..Generally pregnant women take milk for their children and form themselves..I don't have knowledge about can milk..
  9. You have shared really nice thing which is quiet important also..Washing hands before touching food is a good habit which everyone should have..The steps you have given to wash hands is appropriate and I must appreciate that..
  10. Well it happens at this age..Even till the age of 21 years,I don't have any acne but now I have problem of acne although the can come anytime and without any treatment they are remove also..SO it's not that big deal,skin types changes after sometime and earlier you have dry skin that's why you don't have problem of acne but now it seems that you have oily skin so you have that problem.. Well it happens at this age..Even till the age of 21 years,I don't have any acne but now I have problem of ac
  11. It depends on your skin type that what type of skin you have,if you have oily skin than it will definitely give you shiny look..But if you have dry skin than at starting few hours it makes your skin bit shiny and than after it gives you matte look...
  12. Well it's normal,but it depends on your skin type also..If you have dry skin than even your moisturizer nippy or sting than there is a matter of worry,but for oily skin it is very normal that moisturizer nippy or sting..If you are using it twice in a day than also it can happen..So don't worry,be happy...
  13. Well pores can be open and can be close also..As you saying that your pores are easily visible than it means your pores are open..To open the pores you can also take vaporization..You can apply tomato on open pores,it makes your skin look better..
  14. Soap is harsh to skin..But dove is a best option,it has 3/4th cream in it which help to make sking soft instead of dry..It maintain the balance of skin..I am using it from a long time and is happy with the result..
  15. There are many anti wrinkles cream available in market of different brands like Ponds anti wrinkle,garnier and other...You can try any of them,but if you don't want to use any cream than let your skin free and leave it as it is for some days,may be it will regain gain..