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  1. I have has this bacne since i was 12/13 and its has been getting progressively worse. I have tried no dairy, no wheat, taking more vitamins etc and nothing has improved it. I am trying to go to a docter soon to see what he/she says to do. What are your opinions? Topical creams, antibiotics, roaccutane? I also feel that these images dont fully reflect my back. Its is actually much worse in person that the camera is picking up.
  2. Im 15, been a diabetic since a young age. My bacne and face acne has become pretty bad. I was wondering does insulin affect my acne and how could i help it?
  3. Im not expert but it sounds like you could be washing your skin too much. It could be irritated, especially if your sensitive. Also if you take your showers hot, try turning down the heat a bit. It helped me a little bit when i tuned down the heat. Hot showers would make my skin dry and fall off. And i read somewhere that hot showers are worse because your opening pores on your back then drying yourself with a towel possible covered in bacteria?
  4. I quit drinking milk yesterday and i was wondering, based on your experience, how long do you think i might start to see some results? Thanks for any response.
  5. Obviously not but does it have to say. On vinegar wiki it says it can be commonly called ACV or just Cider Vinegar
  6. So this is the only one one in the shops and i was wondering was it any good for acne or am i just wasting my time taking it? Its the 3rd one down http://www.doncarlos...ne-vinegars.htm Here;s it copy and pasted if you don't want to go to that website. Cider Vinegar 500ml The fruity flavour and crisp tang of Cider Vinegar makes it the ideal vinegar for seasoning stews and roast dishes. This Cider Vinegar blends wonderfully with garlic and can also be used in fruit pickles and