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  1. As you say that it causes irritation so you can rub or apply any antiseptic creme on it or on the place where acne occurs.And if it didn't work than you should consult it to doctor...
  2. Yes we get a point which you want to say..And even your camera also shows the acne in your lower arm...I have saw this and even I also wondered that hows it possible...Normally acne occurs on face but in your case it is on your arms,I am bit confidence that is this acne only or something else..
  3. As you saying that you have acne than you might have oily skin,dove has creme in it and is best for dry skin..So you should try or go for Neutrogena Face bar...Dove bar has moisturizer in it and so it gives smooth and soft skin..
  4. Due to swallowing your eyes are looking like that you are cried from a long time...It will become normal in few days,so you don't need to worry for that..During waxing one need to be very careful cos the hairs can't come that early,it takes times..SO one must be beware before removing hairs..
  5. Even I also wondered the same thing sometimes that why acne occurs only on face..May be the reason is that the skin of face is quiet sensitive..And there are more oil gland instead of other place..
  6. Well it's true that dead skin cells play a role in causing more acne..For getting rid of dry skin you need to moisturize atleast two times..And in winter you should moisturize more than two times..
  7. Well as per you say that you didn't use any benzoyl, no other acne treatment, no moisturiser either than it can happen that the cleanser you using doesn't suits you or the ingredients it have is not good for you..It can also be happen for only few days..Use it daily and than see that the redness is still continue or not..
  8. It is possible to have this and it can be happen with anybody..As per in my opinion it is not done intentionally..May be by mistake it happen or may be for some other reason..As you saying that a couple of bottle don't have shrink wrap on them,so it is not a matter to neglect..
  9. It's from your birth or it happens now? If it happens now than you can try any creams like nomarks or mederma scar cream fir marks..They can remove your marks..Well m not sure that they really can,but you should try this..
  10. It's saying that excess of anything is not good..It can harm your health..SO lemon juice is not bad,infact it is a good thing to intake..But it has its limit also..Even lemon juice is used to make face packs also,dry lemon or we can say powder form of lemon is also useful..
  11. This is a common thing which can be solved by taking some safety measures..Use antiseptic products and the products enriched with cream and milk and aloe vera
  12. That's obvious that drinking coffee too much can harm,but as u saying that you drink it without sugar than it cause less harm..Almond milk is a good one to take..But you should avoid drinking daily..
  13. After taking so many precautions also we are not satisfied with our skin..It happens due to many reasons like changing of hormones and other..
  14. Well it is the fact that skin tone changes frequently..They are not the same for all the time..Sometimes you feel that your skin is so soft and sometime you feel that it is dry..So it changes according to temperature and other factors..
  15. I don't have any knowledge about it that which is he best vitamin to reduce oiliness..All vitamins have some things that you needed..But I don't know which one is good for reducing oiliness..