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  1. I have! But I'm using the lotion type! I hate that side effect!
  2. Hey y'all this my second post, finally starting to get the hang of it. My question is about Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion, I have recently been prescribe it as something gentle for post tane and it's done a good job at keeping the pimples away BUT the big problem is the oiliness/shininess it causes! My skin is oily to begin with but it used to not get shiny until mid-afternoon, on CPL it's shiny from the minute I apply it. Has anyone else had this problem? I like that it works and really don't wa
  3. Appreciate it my friend! Thanks! :0
  4. I too, clearly have anxiety, but the thought that my antidepressant could make the situation worse makes me even more anxious...ugh. Anyone's skin get better or stay the same on zoloft or any other SSRI.
  5. Have you had any experience with them? I have OCD about my skin and thought that the medicine could make it WORSE only raises the anxiety vicious cycle, huh? Thanks for the reply!
  6. Has anyone ever had breakouts while on an SSRI, and/or has anyone ever had the reverse effect and it helped make them less worried about there skin maybe causing less breakouts? I have anxiety enough to be prescribed Zoloft, but the thought of taking it makes me anxious as well! Thanks everyone! PS This is my first post, I hope it's in the right section! God bless
  7. DaneV dose Klonopin really help the anxiety too? And your skin?
  8. Did you ever resolve this? My conditions seems frightening similar to yours!
  9. Did anyone's weight change up or down while taking Mino??
  10. Can I wash my face three times a day with water? I've been washing it just twice and I am still getting pimples...I keep thinking it'll be perfect by tomorrow and it's not happening. I've been on the diet for 5 days...Easter was last Sunday and I ATE terribly over easter, could all these "New" pimples be from all the crap I ate last weekend? I have "Combination Oily" skin... Thanks, I have my fingers crossed that THIS is my cure... P.S. Can I eat like a peach/kiwi & avocado together
  11. One more thing, did the fact that the Beta-Carotene pills have Soybean Oil as an ingredient hurt any? I don't think I tolerate soy well. I can't find any that don't have Soybean Oil in other ingredients.
  12. Did taking so much Beta-Carotene cause your skin to develop and orangish or yellowish tint? Did it have any effect on your skin color in general, some places say that that is a side effect of a large dose of Beta-Carotene
  13. I just want to say this past summer, after being frustrated by oily skin, began to wash my face every three hours...HUGE MISTAKE within an hour my face would rage with oil. I'm in college now and what I do now is shower in the morning with a mild wash, Cetaphil, put a little amount on, and BARELY touch my skin to wash it off. About mid-day I shower, without touching my face. Just let the water run on it for a little. Then i fine till bed time, where I do the same routine as the morning. My skin