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  1. Hello! I was hoping to get some ideas from others routines, so if you would be so kind as to tell me what you do in the AM and PM as far as skincare, that would be great. (: Morning: Cetaphil cleanser for all skin types Neutrogena moisture for combo skin Night: Neutrogena RapidClear oil eliminating cleanser (to remove makeup) Cetaphil cleanser for all skin types (to cleanse after makeup removal) Equate BP 2.5% treatment AcneFree Terminator 5% BP (for spot treatment on active blemishe
  2. peaceexlove

    Bp And Help?

    Currently I am using the liquid cleanser (the one for all skin types) and have been using it for a good three months at least. I like the way it leaves my skin feeling (not dry), but it's not the most amazing cleanser out there. I'm not sure what else to use though at this point. I would really love to go to a derm, but currently I do not have insurance nor the money to pay out of pocket for a dermotologist. :( Thank you kindly for your recommendations though. Hope accutane is doing you well
  3. peaceexlove

    Different Bp

    Hi! I know that you sent me a message about this and I failed to respond but I suppose it is better that I answer it so more people can see anyway! First I'll tell you about my routine and then how it kinda works for me. (: Morning: Cetaphil cleanser for all skin types Neutrogena moisture for combination skin Night: Neutrogena RapidClear oil eliminating cleanser (this takes off my makeup really well, so that's kind of what I use it for) Cetaphil cleanser for all skin types Equate BP (
  4. peaceexlove

    Bp And Help?

    Well I started on acne.org in September with the DKR. After using up those supplies I branched out to find products that I preferred. For example I replaced his cleanser with a gentle, more moisturizing one from Cetaphil, and am in constant search for a moisturizer that will do something good for me. I had always stuck to his BP though until I ran out of my most recent bottle and didn't feel like reordering when shipping time just pisses me off. So I started trying other alternatives, starti
  5. Hello All, Just a quick question about the Equate brand Repairing Lotion which is supposedly a "Compared to" Proactiv item. I have only purchased this step and am looking to use in as my BP treatment. I was just wondering that one, if you have ever tried this product, how did it work for you? And two, if you have ever tried this product, how did you use it? Did you just apply a thin layer? Multiple layers? Thick layer? Help! (:
  6. peaceexlove

    Cracking Skin?

    I forgot to include any of that... Oops! Well I started the regimen at the beginning of September so I'm about to begin my fifth month on it! Of course I have made a few tweaks. I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, the Acne.org BP (two pumps) and I am in the market for any moisturizer that will hydrate my skin without causing breakouts. I have tried: Dan's Moisturizer (not moisturizing enough, running out and do not want to repurchase as it doesn't do that well) CeraVe (broke me out) Clini
  7. peaceexlove

    Cracking Skin?

    Now that the winter cold is really kicking in, my skin is really taking abuse! I have been using jojoba oil and dan's moisturizer during the day and pond's dry skin cream at night but it's just not cutting it. I had to stop using the jojoba oil because it started to break me out and I have just about run out of dan's moisturizer. I do not intend on repurchasing it as it does not moisturize my skin nearly enough. My skin is to the point where if I open my mouth too wide it starts to crack. Please
  8. Well, this is the first time I have posted on the forum, and I must say, I didn't think I would ever post about this. I have been using Dan's Regimen for about a month now, and I don't get pimples much at all anymore, thank goodness. However, it's all the other effects that are making me want to stop the regimen. I don't mind using the cleanser, it is nice, quick, and easy. All I need to do is wash my face and let it dry. However even this makes my face very flaky. The BP is great. I lo