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  1. Hi I live in Canada and my skin is very dry but I can't seem to find a moisturizer. All the moisturizers I've tried leave my face incredibly greasy/shiny so I don't like using them in the day. I've tried cetaphil but it's way too greasy for daytime application (for me) and I've tried complex 15 but like many other users say it doesn't moisturize nearly enough. Is there any moisturizer out there that provides good levels of moisture for people using bp without making my skin look like I just rubb
  2. I've had this bottle of Lubriderm kicking around for a while but I've never used it because I thought it would break me out. But now I'm wondering if it's safe to use on my face? Here are the ingrediants: water, mineral oil, glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, carbomer, ceteareth-20, sodium hydroxide, sodium citrate, methylparaben, propylparaben, citric acid, ethylparaben, panthenol It's a moisturizer. Ok to
  3. Wow, I can guarentee this will absolutely not get people "100% clear forever in 2 weeks". If you're going to make claims at least make them plausible. This is too rediculous and will lead to malnutrition. Vegetables are not filled with "toxins" and they are an essential part of a human diet. I challenge you to name some specific toxins you find in vegetables and provide a reliable source. EDIT: Sorry, thought that you had said vegetables had toxins but it was somebody else. But I still think
  4. DO NOT use either of these on your acne. Hydrogen peroxide INCREASES SCARRING so should not be used under any circumstances. Alcohol is just way too drying for your face. Avoid these alltogether.
  5. k so i've been using bp for at least a year now but past few months my skin has been unbarebly dry. I've tried everything to get it less dry, I moisturise, I skip days with bp but still my skin is horribly dry. Is it possible I've become allergic to it? Regardless, I'm going to get off the bp and I have no idea where to go from her. Also, I've tried perscription antibiotics and they didn't do much. Any products or brands you guys can recommend? I have imflammatory acne and frequently get pustule
  6. Thanks for comments guys, ya my sleep cycle has been wonky lately so I'll try to get more consistant sleep. I'm going to conclude for now that my breakouts were largely stress-related, and hope that they subside by themselves. Thanks for the help guys!
  7. ok, so I've had pretty bad acne since I was 14 years old. Currently I'm 18 and I just left my house for the first time and am living at university. When I was 16 my acne was really bad, but by educating myself a bit about it and trying new things I got it down to a bearable level. This past summer my acne improved so much that my face was almost 100% clear and I was happy to start my new life in university with a nice complexion. However, I've been at university for two weeks now and my face is