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  1. dont forget it also depends on where on the ing. list that ing is located. Lower on the list means less concentration.
  2. I was re-reading your log and you never REALLY had a big/bad/noticable inital breakout from the Clear Pore, right? I've been using it for 2 weeks now, had a bad breakout last week and now its getting better, but...I know this stuff is working since I've had a cluster of bumpies on the apple of my cheek for about two years, and now they are gone! That was my main concern on my face for awhile as those always turned into something more. However since using the Clear Pore my forehead has a lot mor
  3. SA is better for active acne. Its oil soluable and will penetrate into the pore, unlike GA which just takes off the outer layer of skin. Both do indeed exofliate however in regards to acne SA has more adv. Maybe you had a "bad reaction" to PC SA b/c since its an exfoliant it can bring stuff up to the surface, aka purge.
  4. Adam

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    9 days Missed one night this weekend. I like the Clear Pore stuff. As of right now I got some active acne. This is the worst its been since using Clear pore. Most of the active acne came from bumpys on my skin, so I'm pretty sure its the so called "purging." I cant wait to get past these next few days. Skin does not look so good.
  5. Adam

    My Reg

    Since reading Rae's log I've decided to use Neutrogena Clear Pore night time gel (2% SA). I was using a toner with SA but with lots of alc and my face has gotten pretty dry and bothered. I saw some results with using an SA wash, so I think by applying a topical I will have flawless skin. Applied this stuff lastnight and it feels good going on. This morning skins redness was diminished.
  6. 100mg is too high most will get nausea at the least
  7. There are before and after pics of some things on here, you just have to find them...a good place is the Log fourm. For the ones complaing about lack of proof, where are your before and afters of any treatment, wether it works or doesnt. Even if someone does have great before and afters of the treatment they used, that treatment may do nothing for you, so what will the pics prove in the end...
  8. If the toners worked for you guys its b/c it contains Salicylic Acid. As the levels go up so does the amount of SA.
  9. Might want to mention how many times a day you do the above???
  10. Adam

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    68th Day Had a small set back (breakout). Started two days ago, three of them and now they are clearing, but it still sucks. Otherthan that my skin is doing/looking much better.
  11. He probably will give you some prescription stuff and ask to come back. Its trial and error with derms, so...
  12. spf one is a bit thicker. try cetaphil
  13. All Sunprotection products leave me shiny, but for my sensitive skin I like Neutrogena SPF 15. there are mixed reviews on it but I have tired a lot of diff products
  14. yeah most ingrown hair treatments use asprin; i.e Tend Skin, Bump Patrol, Paulas Choice, etc
  15. Adam

    My Reg

    63 Day I like my new reg better. Things are looking better not flawless yet, but def not troubled anymore.
  16. I think your playing god too much...Your having side effects from one hormone thearpy and you are combating that with another hormone drug. Which may lead to another effect, etc... How long have you given pro? When I first took pro (4 1/2 yrs ago) I had increase in oil/acne etc. I didnt know at the time any of the info I do now, but nor was it severe for me to think anything of it. After about 6 months my body stablized and it was all gravy until I switched to the "newer" stronger version Dut.
  17. tanning can and my increase breakouts. Tanning thickens the skin and dries the outer layer. As your sebum tries to rise to the surface its faced now with the thicker skin. You may or may not get blockages that lead to breakouts. This is why most who tan breakout three to four weeks later. Tanning is bad period. It can also darken redmarks sometimes, and or alleviate them as UV rays are a strong anti-inflammatory. Good luck
  18. better than saw palmetto is beta sisterol...its the "concetrated" form. Its tough for men b/c not only do have to reduce DHT, but test as well. As men we need test otherwise we will have a whole bunch of problems that are far worse than acne.
  19. Its amazing, every few months without fail this topic will show up on this forum and everytime I will make these same comments - The desire to masturbate is driven by your testosterone/DHT levels, high testosterone & DHT equals a desire to masturbate often. - Your body has no way of knowing if you are masturbating or having sex. Ejaculation works in the same way, regardless of how you got to that point. - There is no such thing as "over masturbation" Where is it indicated how many tim
  20. Often with SA products peeps like to know if it got worse before it got better?