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  1. I pretend it isnt there. Be thankful for what you have and acne won't control you.
  2. I am taking a cold hard look into my mind, and trying to find out why I have been so uneasy since my acne has ruined my highschool so far. I looked at all the problems that I've had and I found a solution to all of them is acne. I have been overthinking things, and that's very unlike me. I always think twice about what I'm going to say, whether it be a joke or something. I know it's because I don't know if the person I'm talking to is going to accept what I say. Fear of rejection comes from
  3. sports, which gave me the acne in the first place. sad, isnt it.
  4. Why would you accept acne? I'm sorry to say but you must have no mental toughness. Acne ruins lives for some people, I just can't live with it. Right now i'm 16 and I'm on accutane. I've had it since I was 13. I'm NOT giving up on this thing... maybe if I'm a 40 year old virgin I will and start banging some fat old ladies... but I will never give up on it. Has anybody ever taught you about mental toughness? Learn it kid. Don't give up on freaking acne, or getting a wife. I don't ever want to hea
  5. I hate these ones. they're a pimple under the skin and they hurt like hell just like you said. go to the dermo and have it injected. it's the only way you can cure it because it's so far in your skin.
  6. what do you mean by "feeling detached"? i've been feeling a little foggy too... a little depressed actually..
  7. just look at this post quickly...listen to "25 to life" by eminem. it'll make u angry and make u wanna go to ur ex's house and punch her in the face..... listen bro, im 16, with some acne which I think is leaning towards severe. i just went to a sweet 16 yesterday and felt like shit because i was insecure and honestly i feel like theres no end to this bullshit life of mines either. i'm a skinny football player that had 8 receptions this year because of my dickhead coach, and every time i mocve m
  8. ok day 43------- no improvement..... the doctor moved me up to 40mg on october 12th (about 2 weeks ago). the doctor is moving me up to 70mg on November 12th. Then, she says, the accutane will kick in. so I have to wait a whole month and more for my skin to be clear. I'm more than thankful.... I really dont care how long it takes. This **** is pissing me off. I was actually just on facebook and I saw a picture of me when my skin was clear. the picture was taken about a year ago while I wa
  9. yeah i stopped taking it a few days ago because my derm said to not take it
  10. My friend john told me "I don't want to sound like a douche but you have a lot of acne". My friend Jonathan always tells me "Yo you should try Proactiv" My friends a few days ago said "On a scale, Brandon (me) goes first with the worst acne" My friend Jay said "My brothers girlfriend uses this stuff *blah blah blah*" LOL I'm about to drop somebody
  11. Zinc is giving me the small results so far. I've been taking it for for a few weeks and I've noticed small improvements. Nothing big. I know this because my skin is like a rollercoaster. One day it'll be amazing, and one day it'll be horrible. Day 21 was a weekend (no football) so that's why my skin looked so great. The next day I also had no football and it looked like crap though. But the Zinc does have some great effects. I actually know a kid who had severe acne and he cured it by taking a h
  12. DAY 21-------- The side-effects are not overpowering. and my skin looks GREAT. a big improvement in quality and i have less pimples. I think this is because the zinc
  13. It's day 19 and I'm FINALLY having side effects. Unlike yesterday, my lips are chapped and my face was dry to the point of peeling. Maybe it's because I haven't drinking alot of water, I don't know. 19 days closer to clear skin =)
  14. day 17 and no noticeable side effects. 20mg doesn't do much. I hope she raises it to 40mg soon