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  1. nah man unfortunately it didnt haha yeah i followed it pretty strict. thanks alot!
  2. trust me ive had a healthy diet all my life, then i bought that acne cleanse thing from davidtheskinking idk if youve heard of him. but diet does not work for everybody.
  3. so pissed off. december 4th was my two month mark on tane and im doing fantastic i literally have like 1 pimple on my face just marks left. like a week and a half ago my liver test came back high so i had to decrease from 60mgs to 30. got another test a few days ago and its STILL high so now i have to discontinue for week so i can get tested again. does ANYBODY know foods or somthing to maintain a healthy liver? i drank alcohol like 2 days before the first test that came back high so tha
  4. hey alex i really think you should try accutane instead of the dkr. dont get me wrong the dkr is good but i think its aimed at more mild acne, and if you have moderate to severe acne, once you stop using the BP the acne will come right bacck and probably worse, while accutane will most likely clear you for good. Thats why i started accutane after about 2 weeks of the dkr. and to breesy, it doesnt look like your acne is all that bad man, just alot of marks. Seriously buy some 100% emu oil, ge
  5. ive read a lot of people didnt even see results till like the 4th month haha so keep goin!
  6. alot of people say they dont but i really just cant believe that. every single log with pics on here or videos of people's progress on youtube shows the red marks progressively fading with accutane
  7. hahaha holy shit im in almost the exact same position as you. Im 16 and had very mild acne until the end of summer when all hell broke loose. Currently on my 16th day of tane and ive seen a little bit of improvement already which is good.(im taking 40 mgs a day too) My oldest sister took accutane at my age i think (shes 25 now) but for horrible back acne and said she was basically clear in a month and really did not have any side effects. Maybe thats why im doing so well on it haha? My lips
  8. yeah i cant reaaaally say ive had much improvement since then..a breakout here and there..i just wish it was like two months from now so i could see some major results hahaaha. To the people that dont get results quick don't be discouraged or anything its not like i had any MAJOR improvement
  9. alright so i started accutane 9 days ago, and don't get me wrong im still getting pimples, but i am ALREADY seeing results hahah this is fucking awesome. My face was horrible like i couldn't even bear to go out, and now i can manage. Even with the new breakouts, they arent as frequent and the pimples seem smaller and less irritated then before...but the MAIN thing ive noticed is a change in my skin tone and texture. i seriously cannot get over how smooth my face is already and how the skin t
  10. watch it with the zinc dude..im on accutane now too (day lk 9 or somthing) and my derm said dont take anything beside the tane..ik zinc can dry ur face out too so thats the only negative think i could see takin it with tane
  11. i feel ya bro im 16 too and play fball..just think that within a month or 2 youll be clear so dont let this shit effect you too bad. ik one of the side effects for accutane is joint paint, and since u play fball im assuming you lift so if i were u id up the fish oil to get ur omega 3s(great for joints) and possibly a joint aiding supplement, since squats bench presses and all those other compound excercises do a number on ur joints anyway best of luck on accutane my man