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  1. You know if you're having some kind of nutritional deficiency, it could help. But just taking zinc supplements and hoping for clear skin overnight is not really possible. I would suggest you take several supplements (zinc, omega 3, vitamin A, D, E) and eat healthy all around and you're bound to see an improvement.
  2. The worst offender is fluorescent lamps. Those give off a very harsh, penetrating, white light. Nothing you can do about it except work on your regimen and avoid mirrors in bathroom stalls . Natural light obviously has a soft yellow tint so it blends and complements your skin tone.
  3. I've had the same and this is natural, especially if this is your first time at university. It's basically a hormonal cycle (regardless if you're a man or woman) and the added social pressure/anxiety. This subsides after a while. What works for me is get into something social and interact a lot. This may seem weird but my skin is better when I socialize with the right people and doing good stuff. Find something you like to do and don't worry about your acne. Basically, find something else to occ
  4. I don't know, the only thing that I'm comfortable having on my face is just the natural skin oils. I even tried putting a little Jojoba oil, which everyone seems to hold in such high esteem, but it was so greasy it was insane. I don't mean like pore clogging greasy, but uncomfortable type of greasy. CottonCandi, what moisturizer do you use? I've tried different stuff but I have yet to find something that makes my skin supple and easy instead of shiny and puffy.
  5. Can someone explain to me how they leave stuff on their face overnight? Is there any benefit to this? It's the most uncomfortable feeling having stuff on your face, knowing you can't turn your face because you're going to smear the pillow OR it's going to stick to your face (shudder). I tried it once and I couldn't sleep the whole night and I felt ghastly in the morning. How do you guys do it?