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  1. Haven't been on this site for a long time and wanted to say thanks to those that commented! Update: The coloration in my scars have faded - but my skin is still thicker (from the scars) on my chin that it used to be pre acne. It's not noticeable to anyone but me. I get monthly hormonal acne now (between 1-3 spots) in the scarred tissue. I wasn't anywhere near finishing the Differin treatment since I stopped at 5 weeks - so the scar tissue is my fault. I've been waiting to let the spring
  2. I also had a sudden onset of chin acne. I'm 29, female. Word on the street is that chin acne is often hormonal/stress related for females - but my hormone levels were fine. I came across a post on this site by a woman who had chin acne that looked just like mine. Her acne was a reaction to fluoride so she switched to a fluoride free toothpaste and wala - the acne went away. I also switched to a fluoride free toothpaste (amongst many other changes, including using DIfferin and Aczone) - and
  3. Thank you! While it's impossible to stop obsessing immediately - what you can do immediately is envision success. Do it every day - multiple times a day. Just the thought of clear skin would make me smile - make me hopeful. The obsessing, eventually, went away on its own. Good luck to you!
  4. I obsessively scoured this site for answers for months after a sudden onset of acne back in mid July. I'm 29, female, fair skin/freckles - and had been totally clear before wham .... I went to a female dermatologist on September 21st who prescribed Differin PM and Aczone AM along with Prascion sulfur wash and Cephalexon, an antibiotic. I also took zinc, a hair/skin/nails vitamin, and fiber. I cut down on dairy, drank more water, changed my pillow case every other night, always used
  5. I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for the suffering of your loss and your acne. I know exactly what it feels like. I'm 29, female - also had a sudden onset of acne. It happened in July - about month after losing both my Grandma and my Uncle. I suppose it's impossible to know if the acne would have come about without the loss - but time heals ... broken hearts ... skin ... and 3 months later I'm pretty much just left with scars on all accounts. It's been about 3 weeks since I wa
  6. Have you ever used products with witch hazel before? I found out I had an allergy to it by using it - and my face becoming very angry at me. Also - I broke out using Cetaphil moisturizer overnight in combination with a retinoid (Differin). Mostly tiny whiteheads everywhere. Also - the first week of using Differin (retinoid) my skin was oily in response to the drying nature of it. I tried to use moisturizer during the day but it made my skin worse. So instead I let it work itself out - gav
  7. I encourage you to stay the retinoid course! You're beautiful - and if you stay committed to your regime - you will see results. I'm on Differin which made my skin dry (I had that same feeling of satisfaction!) - then super oily - and now I've adjusted. I still get dry patches and sometimes wake up with oil patches - but retinoids are a marathon not a sprint. I recommend getting a humidifier to help moisturize overnight without having to use a moisturizer. Also - maybe you could talk to you
  8. My skin is looking much better. So much better. My current zits are small - with hard/dried puss - nothing like the large pustules I had two weeks ago. In fact - I'm pretty much down to mild scarring. Most of the new zits are forming in the scar tissue. I figure that'll stop happening once the Differin exfoliates the scar tissue away. Without the scarring - I've gone from moderate/severe acne to mild/moderate acne in a little over 2 weeks. The biggest improvement though has been my state
  9. I only have experience with the combo of Differin (at night) and Aczone (in the morning) with sulfur wash at night and Cetaphil in the morning. I imagine that Aczone would be useful as an antibacterial/anti-inflammatory with a product like proactiv - but mixing any drug, including topicals, is iffy. Asking a dermatologist is certainly the best option. Good luck!
  10. Differin works from the inside out as an exfoliate. Aczone works from the outside in as an antibacterial - it is also anti-inflammatory. I'm on day 7 of using Differin 0.1% creme at night and Aczone 5% in the morning. The zits I had before - have cleared. The Differin is bringing out new ones (as expected) but the Aczone keeps them calm. I'm tempted to just forget the Differin, but I understand its purpose. I don't just want the Aczone to clear what I currently have - I want the Diffe
  11. I wanted you to know that you while might be amongst the very few on this board that have won the battle with acne - you are not alone on your journey to finding yourself. You are in the unique position for a second chance. This is your rebirth. All that space that was reserved for suffering - is free and ready to be filled with contentedness. Well wishes on your journey.
  12. I'm using a combo of Differin and Aczone. Differin at night and Aczonein the morning. I was washing twice a day with sulfur wash - but now I'm washing with Cetaphil in the morning. My skin is drying - flaky. But I don't mind. The bumps are drying up as well. I tried to pop one of the remaining bumps and it turned into a pretty big bump with an obvious infection. If that wasn't there - my skin would be mostly zit free - but still bumpy due to scabs and dry patches. I've given up non
  13. Ah ha. Do you use anything to remove the flaky skin? Do you use any moisturizers?