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  1. I'd give you a medical degree! I could say I 'lost' a box of my tablets and get a pescription for another box. I had to do that when I actually did lose a box, I just feel a little unsure about messing around with this stuff. My new actives are in areas I didn't get before Roaccutane if that makes a difference?
  2. So I just worked it out the when the Doctor wants me to finish it (3 weeks from today), it'll be 139 days. Guess she wasn't to far off. I'm really not sure if I just want to do the 'minimun though' I think I'd rather do a bit longer and have a better chance, would really rather not have to go through all of this again!
  3. Also I started 23rd September. I can't belive she just said see you in 3 months after today and doesn't want to see me at the end of my treatment. The Doctor doesn't have a clue. Seriously thanks for the help.
  4. erm I'm going to read it a few more times to see if it makes sense to me? In layman's terms do I need to be on it for longer? I converted it from stones online 72 kg is about right. Thank you SO much for your help!
  5. Hey I'm on 60 mg a day and I'm not sure of my weight I think she said on her notes it was 72 kg. The reason she didn't up my dosage during the course was because my arms went a bit rashy/scabby (sorry gross I know). So I asked to up my doseage for the last the weeks and she said no. Thanks for your help
  6. Hi everyone, I've just come back from the my dermatologist (who seems clueless for a professional - she seemed okay the first few times I saw her but today and the time before were awful). I expected to be on Roaccutane for 6 months but she told me to finish in 3 weeks which will be just over 4 months. My skin has calmed down a lot but she pointed out I 'still have a few spots' so I should start using Duac a week after I've finished the treatment. I used Duac before and don't really want
  7. I was just wondering what supplements everyone took with their dosage, what was safe to take and didn't stop the tablets from working? I was thinking of starting to take zinc supplements and maybe omega 3 or fish oils? It's all for the acne and to maybe help scarring? I just wanted to hear from you guys as most of what I read contradicted itself? Thanks x
  8. Hi I'm just over 2 months on Accutane and my hair was very slowly thinning before the medication but now think it's fastening it up. Can anyone recommend and shampoo to help perhaps? Or something else? And what does everyone use for scarring? I'm currently using Jojoba oil but thinking of switching to bio oil? I have done my research but haven't found many answers, as obviously it's not as simple as I'd like it to be. Thanks! x
  9. Excuse the topic title got a little bit carried away! Hi I'm Joel I live near London, England and today I've just started Roaccutane! I'm new to the site, just joined now but been reading posts today and yesterday. I'm 20 and I've had bad skin since 13/14 which turned into acne 15/16 and had been getting worse ever since! I'm dancer but also sing and act so acne isn't really an option in my industry, especially if I ever want to do any TV and Film. I decided to keep a diary/journey/bl